[New 2014] Springfields Nursery Abu Dhabi reviews

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[New 2014] Springfields Nursery Abu Dhabi reviews

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2014, 01:43

Springfields Nursery and Preschool Al Dhafrah, Abu Dhabi - information page.

New British EYFS curriculum nursery open September 2014, location off Al Najda St (6th St), behind Burjeel Hospital.

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Re: Springfields Nursery Abu Dhabi reviews

Postby Kikotakiko » 24 Jun 2015, 17:14

Springfield is an average nursery,

it's more a playground with activities for which you will pay an exorbitant amount of money.
speaking of money this place is all about generating as much from you as they can. For more then 3000AED a month your kid is picked up at 07:45 and dropped off at 12:45 every day.

Your kid will play and they will post a couple of pictures of your child while they are doing an "activity" which is nice for the grandparents but as a parent you would like to see some more in depth info on how your kid is dealing within groups and is developing herself rather then some pictures of a daily posing moment.

Abu Dhabi needs to ensure better availability of nurseries to stop the extortion from average nurseries to young parents can you imagine to pay AED 6000,- a month for a playground for two kids half a day?

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