How to get long term UAE visa?

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How to get long term UAE visa?

Postby asha86 » 02 Oct 2014, 08:15

What are the required documents and applicable fees for applying long term visa for 90 days. I heard that if a person is on a long term visa its easy to change to job visa by paying a fine of 500 dhs. Is that true>?

if so what are the mandatory requirements to apply for the same?
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Re: 90 day visit visa for UAE

Postby shawarma » 02 Oct 2014, 12:45

The only 90 day visa I know of for Dubai is a 90 day visit visa. Fees are about AED 1100 or AED 1200, but through tourist agency might be more (I think I've seen prices of AED 1500-2500). Cannot be renewed. Sponsor by company or individual.

Yes, you can change status from visit visa to employment visa in the UAE by paying a fee (it's not a fine if you do it before your visit visa expires). I think the cost is AED 850.

If you have a tourist visa, not a visit visa, then you must exit the country to change status to employment visa.

Documents needed by you: Passport, and possibly evidence of travel insurance, application form.
Documents needed by sponsor: Evidence of relationship to you if individual, passport, fees, deposit (AED 1000 or AED 2000), salary certificate or employment contract, application form.

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Re: How to get long term UAE visa?

Postby asha86 » 06 Oct 2014, 09:33

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