Tourist visa to Dubai for Tunisians

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Tourist visa to Dubai for Tunisians

Postby ahayachi7 » 07 Nov 2014, 01:37

hello , My name is Ahmed im tunisian and im intending to visit dubai in the next month and i've heard that tunisians are half-blocked for visas and i wanted to make sure if it is true or just rumors, im a student and i've been planning my trip since the starting of 2013, so please if u have any information dont hesitate to advise me please , i will be greateful
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Re: Tourist visa to Dubai for Tunisians

Postby shawarma » 07 Nov 2014, 11:25

It sounds possible to me given that Tunisia was unstable in recent years.

The UAE, for security reasons, will become more strict or fussy about issuing visas to citizens of countries where there are security issues, or where the political environment is unstable, or if the UAE thinks that the system for issuing passports is insecure, and other similar reasons.

Since I'm not the UAE security or immigration authority, I can't answer your question with certainty. You could try contacting the immigration department but if it's a security issue, they might not tell you.

Better would be to ask a travel agent who frequently deals with Tunisians applying for Dubai visas.

Or a UAE airline which flies to Tunisia - I think Emirates do, not sure about Etihad, Air Arabia, or FlyDubai. Maybe Air Arabia from their Morocco base?

If the UAE airlines are flying to Tunisia then I think it's a good sign that in principle the UAE is still issuing tourist visas to Tunisians. They might take more time to process visa applications to filter out any possible undesirable visitors.
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