UAE visa application Indian citizen with expired US visa

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UAE visa application Indian citizen with expired US visa

Postby SwachBharat » 18 Nov 2014, 04:24

I am planning to fly to India from USA with a stopover at Dubai. So I need to apply for 96 Hrs Transit Visa/ Tourist Visa.

My "Nationality" is "Indian". Currently I am residing in USA on Working Visa.

I have my new Indian Passport with more than 5 years validity left.

My USA Visa stamped on my old Passport got expired couple of months back.

I have applied for the Visa Extension and it got approved. I have the Visa Extension Approval (I-797 A) document, with a validity date till next year end.

Now the problem is that I booked the ticket with Emirates and trying to use their online Visa service.

But they are asking for "Proof of Residence Visa" copy.

So can "I-797 A" copy work as "Proof of Residence Visa".

Otherwise what are the other options I will have for getting the UAE Visa.
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Re: UAE visa for Indian passport holders

Postby shawarma » 19 Nov 2014, 19:37

I don't actually see that there's a problem here, but because you are asking, maybe there is, so here's some information and explanation.

You are an Indian passport holder so you need to apply for a UAE visa before travelling to the UAE. This is irrespective of where you live, whether with a valid residence permit or not.

Normally as part of a visit or tourist visa application process (to any country), you might need to show evidence of funds available while travelling, a return travel ticket to the UAE, accommodation while in the UAE, and evidence that you are legally permitted to re-enter the country you came from if you are returning there, or your next destination if going somewhere different.

The last part is because if you end up in a country which you don't have permission to enter, then immigration will send you back where you came from, and the airline which took you there is obligated to take you back.

From the information you have given, it sounds to me like your visa extension approval document is proof you are legally permitted to re-enter the USA and reside there when you return.

However I don't know what it sounds like to Emirates Airlines or UAE immigration since I don't work for them or represent them.

I would suggest you send them a copy of your expired US visa, a copy of your visa extension, and write a note to make it clear that your visa has been extended.

Given that EK have several flights every day between Dubai and the USA, I would expect it's not the first time someone in your situation has tried to apply for a visa from them, so you could try calling them or sending them an email enquiry (if that's possible, I haven't checked their website to see).

Remember also that EK don't make the decision to issue or not issue a UAE visa, the immigration department does that. However, EK do want to make sure as best they can that you won't be denied entry to the UAE upon arrival, nor denied entry to the USA when you return.
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