Dubai Tourist Visa regulations for Moroccan females

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Dubai Tourist Visa regulations for Moroccan females

Postby karima00177 » 20 Mar 2015, 18:50

Hi everyone,

I would like to know the requirements for tourist visa for Moroccan ladies, I asked several tourism agencies and every one had their own requirements and fees, I have been told that Moroccan ladies under 40 years old are not allowed to enter the UAE, others told me that it is possible with a deposit of 5000 AED, an other claims that is possible without any check or deposit but they ask for 1800 AED visa fees...

Im Really confused. Please if someone can help me with the right information and a reliable tourism agency in dubai, thank you.
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Re: Travel agents and Dubai tourist visas

Postby shawarma » 31 Mar 2015, 17:26

They are probably all correct ... in their own way.

Rules change, interpretations of rules change, some companies might know someone in the immigration department who can help them more than others, (otherwise known as Wasta), different emirates seem to be more or less strict about some rules than other emirates, and so on.

There are or have been some restrictions on single women below a certain age from some countries coming to the UAE on a visit visa, so it's possible that what you heard is correct.

If you want official information, try either the Dubai immigration department, DNRD (call their helpline or email them). Or ask an airline directly since they are responsible for returning you to home base if the immigration officials don't let you enter the country.

Emirates fly to Morocco so start with them. They can also sponsor you for a tourist or visit visa (I forget which) if you book a flight with them.

Also try Air Arabia Maroc.

Other official or sort of official sources (usually more reliable than websites and forums like this one) are the IATA Timatic Web, and the IATA Travel Information Manual (TIM). The Timatic Web is available online through one of the airlines (I forget which one). The TIM is harder to find but airlines and travel agents should have access to the most recent one.

For example with respect to younger women travelers the TIM says "No visa will be issued on arrival to female passengers under 30 years of age, being nationals of CIS countries."

But note that that refers to visas on arrival not pre-arranged visas. And by default, CIS citizens have to get a visa pre-arranged anyway. That information might be out of date, it's from 2011.
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