Banned from Dubai or not after bringing adult toy?

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Banned from Dubai or not after bringing adult toy?

Postby Travelman8 » 04 Apr 2016, 18:45

Upon entering from the UK a friend of mine visited Dubai for the first time.

Customs at the airport arises a sex toy which she never knew was illegal.

Customs officials questioned her about it and typed things on the computer along with being on the phone. In the end they gave her a form to sign basically saying that the item siezed will be destroyed , in which it was. Then she was let go to carry on with her holiday in Dubai.

Now my friend wants to return but is scared if she's banned as the customs let her go and never said weather she was banned. My thinking is , if she was banned she wouldn't have been let in the country and would have been deported.

Can someone please help me with this answer , I really appreciate it. It was a genuine mistake on her behave being a first timer. Or can someone help me on how you go about if she's banned?

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Re: Dubai customs and importing sex toys

Postby shawarma » 10 Apr 2016, 12:05

I agree with your thinking. If she was subject to a ban for bringing in illegal items she would have been refused entry or arrested in the first place.

For example visitors (and residents) are arrested and jailed and banned for bringing in illegal drugs (not just marijuana and other narcotics, but painkillers such as codeine which are easily available legally in other countries). They are banned from the UAE and it is clear to them they are banned.

Did she get a copy of the form she signed? Or at least take a photo of it? Find someone who speaks Arabic to read it and translate it if there isn't an English version.

I doubt she needs to worry about anything happening on a repeat visit, except possibly getting screened more thoroughly since I assume her name will appear on computer system with the previous record when she goes through immigration.

However, she, you, and I are not immigration, customs, or police officials. So to get an authoritative answer you need to check with one of those authorities. They all have telephone helpline contacts, and possibly email, but you might get inconsistent levels of helpfulness, and possibly contradictory information. If you have a reference number from the form she signed, that might help.

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