Visit Visa to UAE from Cameroonian resident of Australia

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Visit Visa to UAE from Cameroonian resident of Australia

Postby elmaboro » 09 Jun 2016, 11:44

hello guys, Please was wandering if anyone knows very well the requirement for a visitor visa to Dubai. I am a permanent resident of Australia with a Cameroon passport. Just wandering if could apply for a visa upon arrival. I will like to visit Dubai on my back to Australia from Cameroon. I need just a week visa. Am really confuse because i read somewhere there i need to apply online and another website said because am a permanent resident of Australia i don't need to! Also any infos on any good electronic companies. one that sells original stuffs.

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Re: Visit Visa to UAE from Cameroon resident in Australia

Postby shawarma » 09 Jun 2016, 15:54

Where you live is irrelevant in terms of whether or not you must apply for a UAE visa. That depends on your nationality.

Where you live might make a difference in terms of whether or not your visa application is approved. For example for the UAE I don't think it makes so much difference; but for Schengen and USA visas it could make a difference.

As far as I know, Cameroon citizens are not eligible for a UAE visa on arrival, but to apply for one should be straightforward. Apply with the airline you fly with is usually the simplest way, if it is a UAE based airline. Otherwise try a UAE hotel if you're staying at one, or a UAE based travel agent but watch out, there are some disreputable agents in the UAE who will take your money but not issue a visa.

Visa rules for Dubai and the UAE occasionally change, and more frequently seem to change but sometimes the changes are the same rules being applied differently. That's why it is difficult to get consistent and up to date information. Especially when people in the same situation at the same time seem to get treated differently.

For the most reliable and up to date information, contact Dubai immigration (DNRD) directly by phone or email (if it's a complicated question, you might get different answers from different people), or Emirates Airline for UAE visa questions, a reliable UAE travel agent, or IATA information (search for Timatic). Anything or anyone else (including me) is giving you second hand information and you don't know how reliable or how old it is.

Don't rely on the DNRD website being up to date, or any other UAE government websites for travel information. Some are but many are not.

Emirates Airlines website is generally up to date for visa information, and IATA Timatic information if you can access it (travel agents should be able to).

elmaboro wrote:Also any infos on any good electronic companies. one that sells original stuffs.


Start a new topic for that. Better to keep one topic per question (or similar questions). But short answer: Go to a big shopping mall and visit the large branded electronic stores. Or Carrefour or Geant if you know what you want. Their cheap products might be poor quality but they don't sell fake products.
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