Drugs use overseas illegal in Dubai

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Drugs use overseas illegal in Dubai

Postby shawarma » 24 Nov 2007, 17:45

A common story is the one about people taking drugs overseas and getting a jail sentence in Dubai for having drugs in their system. One question is why that is a crime in the UAE - after all, if you drive on a German autobahn at a higher speed than the UAE speed limit, you don't get a speeding ticket when you arrive in Dubai.

Not a great comparison I know, but nevertheless, there's something to think about.

Perhaps the crime is that of drug trafficking rather than drug usage?

Another question is how the authorities decide who to check. If it is completely random, I guess it must be a rare thing to be caught since I don't imagine there are that many people getting stoned in Seattle while on holiday, visiting family, doing business, or going without sleep.

Anyway, this topic was prompted by this article in 7 days this morning. Lets see how this case pans out...

7 Days Thursday, 17th August, 2006 wrote:Cocaine case

An airline steward yesterday denied taking cocaine in the UAE, saying that he had taken the drug in France 25 days before he was arrested. The trial was adjourned until September 11.
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