Car insurance for Oman?

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Car insurance for Oman?

Postby Yogi » 27 Sep 2007, 01:10

Hey, I'm driving to Oman next weekend and I heard need insurance for the car. What's the deal with that and how do I get it?
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Re: Car insurance for Oman?

Postby shawarma » 27 Sep 2007, 01:12

Have split this topic. Map question is here.

Yes you need car insurance for Oman. Some companies include it when you get your car insured here - check the documents or phone the insurance company if it's not clear on the document.

If you don't have Oman car insurance, you can possibly get some temporarily from your insurance company (for a fee). Or...

... you can buy insurance at the border crossing (not sure about all border crossings but definitely Hatta/Al Wajaja). Probably 100-200 dhs for a few days. That will only be third party insurance though. so if you have an expensive car, better to go and see your own insurance company.

Now, a question from me :) ...

Does this forum need a section for Oman?
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