Spanish Center Dubai LASIK, Eyes & Cosmetics

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Spanish Center Dubai LASIK, Eyes & Cosmetics

Postby goher » 19 Nov 2015, 11:54

  • Company name: Spanish Center Dubai
  • Date established: July 2014
  • Founder's name: Dr Tamer Salem
  • Manager's name: Elie Salameh
  • Contact tel: 04 34 34 634
  • Fax: 04 343 3644
  • Email: info@spanishcenterdubai
  • PO Box: 334376
  • City or town: Jumeirah
  • Emirate or area: Dubai
  • Country: UAE
  • Physical location: Villa No 262, Jumeira Beach Road, Jumeira 2, - Jumeira Rd - Dubai
  • Website:
More information about company or organisation:

Spanish Center offers services related to Eye, cosmetics, dentistry, and other related services, Spanish Center Dubai primary focus is on Eye Care particularly Vision Correction, where we have one of the most advanced technique ReLEX or FemtoSMILE, IntraLASIK HD, PRK, SBK LASIK etc.

At Spanish Center, we offer Free Consultation for Vision Correction and usually we offer upto 10% discount on the procedure, post procedure followup sessions & eye drops for a full year are free of charge, in some cases, we give retouching for free as well. so you just pay for procedure and we take care everything

On the Other hand people who are not eligible for LASIK, we offer Intraocular lens or ICL technique. Spanish Center also specializes in Cataract Surgery, we have highly experienced surgeon in the field of Cataract surgery and vitreoretinal surgery, Dr Ayman Shuman, He is Professor & Consultant of ophthalmology, Msc, MD, FRCS Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists-Glasgow- England Fellow of Vitreoretinal surgery at Frankfurt university Member of the European Society Of cataract surgery Member of The American Academy Of Ophthalmology Expert in vitreoretinal Surgery (diabetic & detachment),Retinal Laser treatment, Intraocular injections, retinopathy of prematurity, cataract & intraocular lenses implantation, Uveitis management.

Dr Jose Ramon Hueso who is MD, Ph.D. is the head of the ophthalmology department in San Juan University Hospital of Alicante since June 1994 (position won by a competitive contest). Dr. Hueso specializes in Cataract surgery, Glaucoma surgery, Keratoplasty and posterior segment. Doctor of ophthalmology at San Juan University Hospital of Alicante with a permanent post obtained by transfer from March 1991 as the Temporary Section Head. Doctor of ophthalmology in the Provincial Hospital of Alicante with a permanent post obtained by public competition from 16th Ju1y 1987, being the responsible for the Ophthalmology Department. Doctor of ophthalmology in the Provincial Hospital of Alicante with a temporary post from April 1985 to Ju1y1987. Temporary Assistant Doctor in Puerta de Hierro Clinic in Madrid from April 1981 to February 1983, being responsible for the Cornea Transplants Section, from November 1981 to January 1983, as the Acting Section Head.

Spanish Center Offers Cataract treatment, Keratoconus Surgery, Diabetic eye care i.e Diabetic retinopathy surgery, etc. Visit our website for more details.
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