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Greece on The World

Postby shawarma » 25 Feb 2008, 14:57

  • Property name: V…Greece on The World
  • Development: The World by Nakheel
  • Completion date of construction (expected or actual):
  • Completion date of construction (scheduled): December 2010
  • Start date of construction: December 2008 or 2009 (not clear from reports but 2008 sounds more realistic). Update 19 January 2009 - construction start planned for March 2009.
  • Project value: $170 million (AED 625 million) (Feb 2008). $260 million (AED 954 m) (Oct 2008)
  • Area (size): 45,000 sq meters (island), 17,000 sq meters (property). Oct 2008: 2 hectares
  • Location: The World
  • Emirate: Dubai
  • Developer: V Resorts Limited. Island owner is Baron Jean van Gysel de Meise.
  • Project manager:
  • Construction firm:
  • Apartment types: 34 hotel suites, see below for list of property types and links to brochures.
  • Number of floors:
  • Villa types: 18 villas
  • Ownership: Timeshare - sort of
  • Unit prices (Original Price / OP): average $3.08 million (AED 11.3 million) - estimated from Feb 2008 press release saying 65 units available with sales value of $200 million.
  • October 2008 prices: $10-$15m (report in The National). OP estimate may have been wrong.
  • OP per square foot:
  • February 2008 price per square foot:
  • Telephone:
  • Website: but that's painfully slow to navigate so download the brochure instead (pdf, 15 pages).
Other facilities and information

  • Calliope Villas (Villas of Poetry, 2 bdrms) pdf brochure download
  • Hydra Aglaia Suites (Suites of Splendour, 1 bdrm) pdf brochure download, 3 pages
  • Hydra Thalia Suites (Suites of Joy, 1 bdrm) pdf brochure download, 3 pages
  • Symi Aglaia Suites pdf brochure download
  • Symi Thalia Suites (Suites of Joy, 1 bdrm) pdf brochure download, 3 pages
  • Thea Eos Lofts pdf brochure download
  • Thea Selene Lofts (Moon Lofts, 1 bdrm) pdf brochure download, 2 pages

02 August 2007 - the island of Greece was sold to an unnamed buyer for $15.5 million according to a spokesperson from Nakheel, reported Arabian Business. The spokesperson said it was not Tommy Lee (US rock star from Mötley Crue), Pamela Anderson (Baywatch babe), Theodore Angelopoulos (Greek shipping magnate), Stelios Haji-Ioannou (EasyJet founder).

24 February 2008 - 'V…Greece on The World' announced a boutique hotel project with units for sale to investors who can stay for 2 months a year, and get 50% of the income from the other 10 months. Baron Jean van Gysel de Meise is the name behind the project.

Designers are Architetti Associatti of Italy. Baron van Gysel says ''V…Greece on The World' is a simply vision of beauty inspired by light and water. It emphasizes an interesting balance of interior space and exterior landscaping offering a vision of pure and simplistic comfort and ultimate luxury." which could easily be a description of a camping site. With inflatable mattresses for luxury beds.

A 1000 foot marina with 16 moorings will be included. Also a spa, and restaurants with good service. Baron van Gysel reckons "Service in Dubai is not up to par. It doesn't compare to the five-star that you get in parts of Europe. V...Greece aims to be a benchmark for service in Dubai," (from Gulf News report 25 Feb 2008). pages with related information

Please reply to this topic with relevant information and this first post will be updated. If quoting this post, please remove unnecessary information. Thanks :)
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V... Holding

Postby shawarma » 17 Oct 2008, 17:30

There was a report in The National this morning (17 October 2008) about V... Holding and V...Greece on The World. It didn't say what the V stood for, but it did say ...

  • Baron Jean van Gysel de Meise bought the island for $10-$20 million (Dh 37-73 million).
  • Nakheel gave them permission to start construction this week, V... Holding have also received permission from the Dubai Government to start the project
  • V ... Greece will have 34 hotel suites and 18 villas on the island.
  • About 30% of units are sold already
  • Owners can stay for 2 months per year, and get half the rental income for the rest of the year.
  • Villa price range is $10-$15 million (Dh 37-55 million)
  • Total value of completed project is about $260 million (AED 954 m)
  • Island area is 2 ha, and water area is 2.5 ha.
  • Baron von Gysel has developed a couple of other projects - a 12 room boutique hotel in southern Spain (the real country, not an island on "The World), and a 200 room hotel in Brussels, Belgium ("The Plaza").
  • He is also considering developments in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.
Please use the forum for questions, not the PM system.
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