UAE education ministry student studies

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UAE education ministry student studies

Postby shawarma » 10 Jun 2009, 11:55

UAE Education Student Studies school or center, or UAE Ministry of Education Student Studies college, or similar, appears to be a non-existent school advertising overseas for teachers, in a similar way to other teaching job scams in the UAE.

There is a website ( which looks official because it frames one of the UAE Ministry of Education websites (framing is a deceptive technique where a domain name is used to display someone else's website, and there is very little that they can do about it). The domain extension .tk is for the Tokelau Islands, which is in the Pacific Ocean and has very little to do with the UAE, and even less to do with the UAE education system. Other websites and email address for the same or similar schools include

uaeimmigration @
uaeeducation @

If you are applying for a job with the UAE Education Student Studies organisation, remember that it is against UAE law to pay visa costs associated with employment - the employer is supposed to do that. And reply here with contact details for the UESS (or UAESS or whatever) since we can't find any. See also

Adult Education Student Studies in Sharjah - the same place as the UAE SS? More details of red flags for questionable education job recruiters.
Global Recruitment Dubai - an organisation that offers jobs in places that we've never been able to find, and also uses the framing technique on their websites.
Sharjah school scam - one example?

Update: One address appears to be 12A Almuhadris Street, Dubai or Sharjah. PO Box 1178 (might be 12A Al Muhadris St). As is typical with these institutions, the addresses appear to be randomly cobbled together from names, place names, PO Boxes, etc that have nothing to do with the claimed existing institution. Always double check such information independently. No landline telephone number is a giveaway that something is wrong (+97150 / +971-50 / +971-050 and +97155 / +971-55 / +971-055 or similar are mobile numbers with +971 the UAE country code and 050/055 mobile tel codes, eventually also 056).
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