Abu Dhabi Education Council jobs

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Abu Dhabi Education Council jobs

Postby shawarma » 07 Jul 2010, 12:39

Abu Dhabi Education Council jobs (ADEC) are genuinely available, especially since September 2006 when ADEC launched the Abu Dhabi public private partnership for schools to improve teaching and learning in Abu Dhabi government schools.

However, watch out for job scams in Abu Dhabi that might be trying to take advantage of the publicity and marketing for ADEC teaching jobs.

For a genuine list of available ADEC jobs, see the careers page on their website at www.adec.ac.ae/en/careers. If that link is not available, look for something like 'Career Opportunities with ADEC' to click on from the home page.

There is also an organisation called the Abu Dhabi Educational Zone (ADEZ), which governs public and private schools in Abu Dhabi city, and comes under the authority of ADEC (I think). Other education zones in Abu Dhabi are the Al Ain Educational Zone (AAEZ) for the Al Ain city and area, and the Western Education Zone (WEZ) for Al Gharbiyah area.

And before you start applying to as many online teaching jobs as you can find, have a read of this information about Teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi. It should save you some time, and maybe even some money :).
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Abu Dhabi Education Zone teaching job scam

Postby shawarma » 07 Jul 2010, 12:39

Watch out for an Abu Dhabi Educational Zone (ADEZ) teaching job being advertised in 2010, it appears to be some sort of scam, similar to many other fraudulent UAE teaching jobs advertised.

ADEZ is a real organisation, part of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). Both bodies were established by the Abu Dhabi Government, and work together with the federal UAE Ministry of Education (MOE), which has also been misrepresented in a number of teaching job scams in the UAE - mostly in Dubai.

If you apply to an EFL, ESL, TEFL or similar teaching job for the Abu Dhabi Government, ADEC, ADEZ, or MOE, usually advertised on internet forums and/or job aggregation websites, be wary if you receive an email something like this:

To [your name],

Find as attached your letter of Employment, Contract conditionality and all other rules and regulations as stipulated by the law of the land.

Abu Dhabi Educational Zone Was established in 1980 to support the UAE Ministry of Education and oversee education in Abu Dhabi.
Student Range: 6-14,15-21yrs of age
The contract shows all the benefit that will be given to selected teachers.

You are to sign the attached contract send to you and submit along with the following below to enable us acquire your traveling visa document fast and quick process and also issue you your 2ways Air Ticket as promised.

* White Background Passport photo.
* International Passport photocopy.
* Education or degree certificate/s.
* Scanned/Signed Copies of Contract.

N/B: All requirements should be submitted via attached Online

Below are the benefit:
Salary per month is 4760USD for a start, tax free
2ways air Ticket provided
our contract is renewable
Well furnished apartment for each teachers in the school premises, which can take you and your family. it comprises of kitchen, Air conditioner,washing machine, television,a bed, blanket, pillows, washing machine, air-conditioner, refrigerator, stove, chair, table, wardrobe, television, cooking utensils, and eating utensils E.T.C
Health Care Insurance will be taken care of by the school authority
We have 6 hours working period depending on teachers Time Table, working hour is from 8:30am-2:30pm
All teaching materials will be provided by the school.
No dressing code.
We have 2 semester in a year, Friday here in United Arab Emirate is for prayer, which is half working days E.T.C
Note: If you can not make up with this position you should let us know so we can replace you because we need serious Teacher of English

Yours Faithfully,
Director Mr Mohammed Salem M Al Dhaheri, Email info@adez.ae

Ganiyat Gaffa [Registrar] Email: adez.ae@worker.com, ganiyatgaffa@hotmail.com
Zayed 1st Street Al Khalidya District
PO Box 70713
Phone:+971556674143, +9712665 300
Fax: +971 2 665 994
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Educational Zone

There are a number of red flags that should be investigated before signing any contract, sending any passport or copies or any other information.

HE (His Excellency) Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri really is the Director of ADEZ, and is also ADEC's Executive Director of School Operations but it seems highly unlikely that he is the sender of the above email purportedly from ADEZ, and his name is more than likely being used fraudulently.

Unknown who Ganiyat Gaffa is.

Telephone numbers do not correspond to ADEZ or ADEC information, and show up additional red flags anyway to anyone familiar with telephone numbers in the UAE.

Standard of English in the letter is poor and makes it look unprofessional (that in itself is not necessarily a giveaway, even genuine job offers can be written poorly).

Email addresses are not official ADEC or ADEZ email addresses.

There are a number of other red flags that will be obvious to anyone familiar with schools in Abu Dhabi, but it seems prudent not to clarify them since it is likely that whoever is advertising these posts will then make it more difficult to differentiate between the fake and the genuine posts.

Anyway, irrespective of whether or not the advertisement and letter are real or bogus, the simplest way to confirm it to look up the details of ADEC and ADEZ independently, and contact them directly to ask if they sent you a job offer.
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Abu Dhabi Education Zone teaching job contract

Postby shawarma » 07 Jul 2010, 12:39

Below is an example of the text of a contract for an alleged Abu Dhabi Education Zone English teaching job seen advertised in 2010. Beware, this does not look genuine to us, for various reasons similar to why the job offer letter example in the previous post also makes us raise our eyebrows. To confirm if an offer is genuine or not, contact ADEC or ADEZ directly. Of course, don't use the contact details supplied in the contract (they are obviously misleading, or at least incorrect, to anyone who has lived in the UAE for a period of time), but look them up directly - preferably obtain them from the official ADEZ and ADEC websites. As it happens, the ADEZ telephone number is in fact +971-2-665-3000 in Abu Dhabi, but don't take our word for it, confirm that independently.

We are curious about the full reimbursement of hospitality costs though. Sounds very appealing ;) ...

If you do apply for one of these jobs, and are offered a position, and you send back the contract along with all the requested paperwork, it is likely that you will be asked to pay a sum of several hundred dollars as UAE visa processing costs or expenses of some sort. Any legitimate employer in the UAE should not ask you for any employment related expenses as it is against UAE law to do so.

Abu Dhabi Educational Zone

+971556674143, +9716653000
[Registrar]Email: adez.ae@worker.com, Ganiyatgaffa@hotmail.com

Employee Full Name:
Duration of Employment: 1year
Duty: English Conversational Teaching
Office hours: Sunday - Thursday, 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Monthly Salary: $4760USD to selected English Teachers, tax free
School Name: Abu Dhabi Educational Zone
Ministry Age Rate: 6-14, 15-21 yrs of age
All teaching materials will be provided by the school
Severance Payment: $4760 USD will be paid upon completion of the 1 year contract
Housing: Free furnished apartment with basic house hold necessities includes: a bed television and access to the kitchen facilites
Employer will provide private housing accommodations
Transportation: 2ways airticket and pick up arrangement will be provided for employee and any travel expenses incurred by the employee will be reimbursed upon arrival in United Arab Emirates
Holiday: Every Friday and Sunday including all National Holidays
Employee will receive 1 week paid vacation days on top of the already stipulated holiday (Nation Holiday and Friday and Sundays)
Health Insurance: 100% hospitality bill will be paid by the employer including chronic disease.

Ground for Termination
1. Violation of United Arab Emirates Government Laws
2. Excessive tardiness of absences
3. A lot of workers complaints
4. Sexual harrassment
5. Rejecting of supervisors instruction
All parties agree to the condition of this contract with respect and in good will.
This contract is valid for 1 year only
Contract Start: 30th April, 2010-19th March 2011
Your contract starting date: 30th April, 2010-19th March 2011
Thanks, Valid for one year

Employee sign:
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