The Children's Garden Green Community DIP reviews

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The Children's Garden Green Community DIP reviews

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 19:15

The Children's Garden Green Community, Dubai Investment Park (DIP) information page. Add comments and reviews to this topic ...

Nursery school run by Beacon Education. Email received says:

The Children’s Garden

About the school:

Childhood should be a voyage of discovery – exciting, absorbing and inspiring. And these early years are critical in that they lay the foundations on which an entire life will be built. At The Children’s Garden (TCG), we understand the remarkable potential of this age group and know that a precious window of opportunity opens for children this age. With the right encouragement, the right experiences and the right role models, children can be best prepared for happy and confident futures - that is why we’re offering your little ones the myriad benefits of our totally creative, bilingual programme, implemented by early childhood experts
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