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George Mason University GMU-RAK

Postby shawarma » 15 Mar 2009, 11:47

  • School Name: George Mason University GMU-RAK - a branch of the George Mason University in Virginia, USA, established in RAK as a partnership with the RAK Government (EDRAK) in Ras Al Khaimah. Please reply with further information about any of the following items...
  • University location:
  • Head's name: Zaid Ansari was or is acting vice president? Dr Sharon Siverts was appointed as vice-president in February 2008 (she was previously a director at the Commission for Academic Accredition in the UAE so her new appointment might have helped with GMURAK's accredition application :).
  • Executive Body/Owner: RAK Government (EdRAK) provides the finances and infrastructure, and GMU Virginia provide and manage the academic programs.
  • Date university was founded: 2005 for English Language Programs, 2006 for undergraduate degrees?
  • Dates and details of major refurbishments, or relocation: GMU-RAK was planning to move to new campus in August 2008 according to a February 2008 press release, then July 2009 according to a later report?
  • Number of students (approx): Started with 40 according to current reports, in September 2007 had 91 students according to GMU FAQ. Present number is?
  • Nationality of most students, or nationality breakdown: GMU FAQ says as of September 2007, students were from Australia, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, India, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Lebanon, Nigeria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, UAE, USA, Yemen.
  • Number of teaching staff (approx): 20 in September 2007. Current number?
  • Nationality of most teaching staff, or nationality breakdown: September 2007 information (GMU FAQ): Algerian (1), American (10), Australian (1), British (1), Bulgarian (1), Canadian (2), Egyptian (2), German (1), Indian (15), Iraqi (1), Irish (1), Jordanian (1), New Zealand (1), Pakistani (4), Palestinian (1), Philipino (2), South African (1), South Korean (1).
  • Postal Address / PO Box:
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
  • Email:
  • Qualifications offered: Bachelor of Science degrees, and an English Language Program
  • Annual fees:
  • Lecturer salary range per month (and details of package - accommodation, flights, medical):
  • Any other comments which would be helpful for students, teachers, and/or parents:

GMU in Virginia is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and GMU RAK was applying to the UAE Commission of Academic Accreditation at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for a license and program accreditation (licence comes first, then the individual courses of study need to be accredited).
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GMU-RAK closing

Postby shawarma » 15 Mar 2009, 12:33

George Mason University RAK is closing down in May 2009 due to funding and control issues according to a GMU press release. Apparently the UAE partner in the GMU adventure, Education RAK (EdRAK - a RAK Government company), wanted to cut funding by 50% and increase control. Seems understandable that GMU were reluctant to pay more for less. A new RAK American University (RAK-AU or AU-RAK) will be established by the Education RAK as a new university, and GMU have been asked to act as a consultant. But what happened to the new GMU campus - will that be taken over by RAK-AU or AU-RAK? The RAK Bolton university has said they'd help students looking for somewhere to go.

There's a comprehensive report about the closure and related issues here:
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