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Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS reviews

Postby shawarma » 16 Mar 2009, 15:25

The Abu Dhabi Indian School (ADIS) information page.

List of Indian schools in Abu Dhabi - or choose a different Indian curriculum school.

Abu Dhabi Indian School new branch - information, reviews, and discussion topic. Location and opening date unknown. [edit]Update: location Al Wathba? Opening date Apr 2014 ... delayed until Aug or Sep 2014?[/edit]

Questions about Abu Dhabi Indian School (or the Indian School of Abu Dhabi?) main branch in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi city area:

  • Executive Body/Owner:
  • School is profit making or non-profit: Presumably profit making?
  • Description of school location: New Airport Road? Was seen in one description, doesn't sound right :? ...
  • Dates and details of major refurbishments, or relocation (past or future dates): Moved to new site in 1980.
  • ADIS is single or split shift (if split shift state timings for girls and boys): Not quite split shift but different start times
  • School day start and finish times for students (both shifts if applicable): Start times vary from 07:30 to 09:00 and finish times from 13:00 to 16:15 (I think)
  • Girls school, boys school, or mixed: Separate sections for girls and boys, different start times (KG and primary are mixed?)
  • Nationality of most students, or nationality breakdown: Presumably Indian, maybe other Asian?
  • Nationality of most teaching staff, or nationality breakdown: Presumably Indian, maybe other Asian?
  • Abu Dhabi Indian School fees for 2009-2010? (and what is included / excluded - tuition, sports, transport, uniforms, extra-curricular activities): Nothing obvious on ADIS website.
  • Teacher salary range per month (and details of package - accommodation, flights, medical):
Any other comments about ADIS which would be helpful for students, teachers, and/or parents - add them here :):
Please use the forum for questions, not the PM system.
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Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby purvi gokani » 16 Sep 2010, 15:24

ADIS is a good school with all indian students and Indian teachers and other staff.
fee structure is very nominal (<5000 aed) atleast for KG level. but from what i hear, the fees dont go up much higher.
it is located on the muroor road (4th street). u have to tae a left turn from signal no. 23, if u r going towards dubai.
purvi gokani

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby Kaliyug » 20 Dec 2010, 21:14

Abu Dhabi Indian School is a terrible school. It still follows archaic methods and encourages punishment by slapping and humiliating students. The administration looks the other way as teachers take it out on helpless children. Avoid at all costs.

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby ratna » 27 Feb 2011, 19:57

as there are no alternative schools available for the indian fraternity at abudhabi , indian school is having the present importance. otherwise it is an awfully TERRIBLE! school

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby Solutions » 10 Mar 2011, 17:13

ratna wrote:as there are no alternative schools available for the indian fraternity at abudhabi

Really this conclusion is absolutely right Ratna.If there are some good schools in Abudhabi with Indian curriculum nobody will even wish to go nearby that street which ADIS belongs to.The principal doesnt know it is an educational institution and his behaviour is of untolerable.Once i tried to meet him i was denied access to see him whereas the person who has recommendation from the business community here has access to see him at anytime.

I can see its like our Air India. Administration staff and all still the same with a no care attitude and harsh behaviour which never give you a feeling that its an educational institution.This type of attitudes are not good for a good citizen of India and I dont know when principal will understand this.

I can see everywhere that its a non-profitable institution and its for the community - which should be changed as its for the business community.Every year the principal and management promises that a new shift will be there soon whereas false promises are there once in each year without an action to implement it and serve the community.

We have only one thing to do.Pray to the God for a good person maybe replaced with the exisitng principal and a principal should serve only a maximum of 3 years rather than these type of principals just work only to secure their job for a long period without having any human values.

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby madiha » 05 Apr 2011, 12:20

can anyone tell what are the salaries for teachers in abu dhabi indian school.are there any perks also?

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby SAKI » 21 Apr 2011, 00:15

Well said ratna abu dhabi indian school is terrible. Teacher don't know how to deal with primary section boys, they took out there fustration on this boys. I have come to know that Teacher bits the boys & One of the teacher tell them if they want complete their class work she will remove their pants & make them take round around the school corridor this is real abuse to the students.

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby A teacher » 22 Apr 2011, 22:39

Hi Every one!

Yes ADIS is a terrible school cause it tries to educate 5000+ students. Here are the reasons...why it is a good school,

1. Teacher salary ..after 10 yr. Dh.4000/-( inclusive of all allow), They cannot bring they family? AS a Bachelor they can afford only a bed space? That is what he gets from the fee you people pay?
2. All parents have birth right to complain/comment about school. teachers have no right.
3. Every parent feels that its their birth right to tell teachers..How to teach...I have never told any parent how to do there job?
4. Children, when they performing good its child and parents hard work? not teachers.
5. You mean to say there is not even A single good Teacher... in school?
6. You people are not aware..what kids come and say about there parents...pls. Look within your self before you comment on others.
7. You as a parent have the right to come and scream/shout when ever you feel like..... A teacher have to just listen
8. Did you ever count the No. of Hamdan Awards? Sharjah Awards won by students.
9. Every year thousands of kids are given an chance to come up on stage OR Inter-school/National/International level participation.
10. Even though I am a new teacher in this school.. I am aware this school have a record of oldest Inter-school Sports Meet; First ever Nature Club.
11. This school has produced..students who are at top positions in India and abroad...including IIT/IIM/NASA...Well I am sure you will say....it is because of parents efforts & childs..not from teacher.
A teacher

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby a parent » 07 May 2011, 11:10

Teachers have to conduct themselves in a way that evokes respect from not only the students but also the parents.Teaching is the last job to do if a person is keen to make money there are lots of options in the market.That is why it is not called an industry , it is a profession which I would like to believe still holds a very high status for us Indians. So I was very saddened to read the comments of "a teacher".

Like it or no the fact is that the students in the school are in perpetual fear of their teacher not without reason though what with constant threats of screaming and being taken to the supervisors even for a small errors. Some teachers talk so rudely to not only the children, even to the parents. I wonder what effect would it have on the children they are too fearful to even ask questions in the class or even clarify their doubts.Parents step in the picture and teach dedicatedly . For children where parents are unable to do so....go for tuitions.

Children also learn what they "see and hear "...i.e to speak rudely to their elders besides not taking ownership of their mistakes and learning to correct/ improve after admitting the shortfalls.Should not the Alma mater be something which moulds the personality of the children?

PTA should be a meaningful meeting where suggestions are to be made for the benefit of the student,from my personal experience I can say that some teachers just flare up when some issues are pointed out.Discussion apart, there is nothing but bad feeling left. I don't know if this translates into victimisation of the student and subsequent hiding of facts by the child from the parents.But the main point is that the subject of learning would then be of no interest to the child. Fearing the aftermath on the child the parents choose to remain silent and pray that the days pass peacefully.

Another point to make is that salaries in any "Industry " is based on the stress and the constant upgrading of knowledge and various other factors, indefinite hours etc. In teaching, the subject matte to be taught is the same year on year so it is not that the teacher has to put more effort in teaching the same thing again and again for so many years. What I learnt is being taught to my child today...so one gets the point. Nevertheless the aim should be to generate leaders not fearful adults of tomorrow. So I humbly put my views that we need to "Arise and Be Awake " to take teaching in the spirit of betterment for the children.Not get into petty squabbles.

I would love to see a beautiful relationship between the student and teachers in this school where the student is turned into winners of sort without fear and head held high.Accolades for sports achievement is a good thing but not the only parameter to judge a school which is much more than that.Besides let us be fair it is the parents' equal if not more contribution to the child's performance too especially in this country. Is this a duel for earning credits or the main intention of the welfare of the student , then should not there be an improvement.

Let better senses prevail and let there be more schools for parents to choose for their children fast since competition only makes things better...Hope someone up there is listening!
a parent

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby A parent » 08 May 2011, 09:50

A teacher wrote:Hi Every one!

Dear "teacher",
Please revisit your response ...It is not befitting the status of a teachers who has the highest position in our hearts because they can marr or make the child!

1. Salary: Teaching is not an "Industry" to make money...most teachers offer tuitions after school hours anyways !!There are many jobs with more responsibilities and stress and long work hours which can get you more pay. So knowingly you have chosen a noble profession then why the cribbing. Further have there been any change to the matter they teach ? No it is a repetition of the same thing year on year. Even if more money is offered the attitude to teaching is a matter of concern.

2&3 .Parents do not have any body or association which can protect the interests of the children as the case back In India. Teachers terrorise the children by shouting and threatening and talking rudely,I would not know if they beat them . So much so that the child is afraid to ask for clarification or even complain to the parents fearing backlash! What is the redressal forum for the parents? Many teachers treat parents offhandedly ...I can bet that no parent will dare shout at the teacher even if tempted to because of the fear of backlash on their child.

4-9.Can you honestly take the credit as being the only source from where the child is learning. It is a fact that if the parents would not be involved in the daily teaching the child will never progress.Most children are enrolled in various classes like art/craft/toastmasters /sports and go for trainning outside of school.That is not to say that all the teachers are bad in this school. There are many good teachers in the school, but then the noise is not about the good any ways, it is the want of improvement for the betterment of the children who are our future and to make them brave and future leaders,not a fearsome adult which you will agree.

10-11.In today's competitive age do you think that a school can teach everything...surely but a lot can be done to improve the name of the school. It must be mentioned that only if we see our faults and a lacuna then can we improve.Why is this stubborn attitude to stick to imperfection and be blind to improvement?Are the parents to be just dumb bodies to be shut and not say anything? Is this the attitude we want our children to grow up with - be happy what you are and stick to your guns however bad we may be think we are the best?

Please take all criticism in the spirit it has to be taken and change for the better...then this school shall be the best in the world which will make all of us proud.Since the Goal of the teacher and the parent which I assume is the same should it not be easier to have a happy give and take of ideas for the betterment of the student? All the Best to your school do us and the Alma mater proud !
A parent

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby a parent » 08 May 2011, 21:05

A teacher wrote:Hi Every one!

I fully agree with the teacher. In fact i am a parent and my two kids are studying since the last 7 years, i do not find all those issues that others raised. I get a very positive feed back from the teachers regularly and considering the school strength of 5000+ it is really a fantastic job that they are doing. If you are so much concerned with the administration of the school, why not you enroll your kids in American and other top notch schools? Criticising others is very easy, but imagine their responsibility and then question their capabilities.

Hats off to ADIS. I wish them good luck. Keep up the good work.
a parent

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby MUMMY » 15 May 2011, 13:14

While I do agree that parents have a point, I do fail to disagree on their views on teachers in general. BTW, I do not have any children attending ADIS nor am I a teacher by profession. I do agree that some teachers r extreme [deleted by moderator]; this is more of being sadistic; they would be the same whichever Profession they would have gone into!

Several of the kids who attend ADIS are known to me, I feel that they love their school and teachers. So it would be very unjust to catorogize all teachers at Adis in the same group. It would not be fair on them and on millions of other teachers all over who conduct themselves in an acceptable manner both personally and professionally. Some children do require disciplining at some point of time to become better global citizens, but that shouldn't include corporal punishment and /or word abuse. Also some parents can be pushy, unecessarily defending their wards.Naturally this would irritate any teacher who inturn retaliates, its human!

Comingto the last point, change your children to some other high profile schools. Do you think they do not have problems?...yes they do, this I can vouch for bcas my children attend one of them ! There are ups and downs everywhere its the global education senario! Kuudooos....and tc!

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby An Ex-Student » 01 Jun 2011, 15:26

I used to be a student at ADIS and I graduated in 2006 and 3 years after that (2009) I went on to teach at another school for a short while. Due to this transition from student to teacher in such a short of span of time, I got to see both sides of the story.

ADIS really was a horrible school. I've studied in about 4 schools and taught in 1 and this was the worst. I've seen students take smoke breaks with their teachers, seen students get beaten because teachers just didn't know how to deal with the situation, seen the worst politics of my life and so much more. I've seen a girl get thrown against a staircase banister because of a simple misunderstanding. I've had a teacher insinuate that I smoke and do drugs. I've been denied a badge because a member of the administrative staff had a problem with my parents. I think the worst was being banned from being friends with another student and being forced to sit on the floor during class. I'd like to note that I was an above average student academically, an active member of the nature club and participated, won and planned a number of cultural events for my house so much so that my house mistress personally requested that I be granted a badge but, as mentioned above, was denied that opportunity.

ADIS has a some good teachers, there's no denying that, but the poor pay scale and the politics that run the place cause these teachers to lose all interest in teaching. Our administration is the worst of any school I have known.

It's a bit of an embarrassment to admit that I passed out from ADIS. What's worse is the appalling english used by 'A Teacher'.

Students may have won numerous awards while studying in this school but I realised that it was because these students understood just how good it looked on a college application. As for the IIT's and IIM's that the students have attended, again, this is predominantly because of their hard work. Teachers do have a role to play in all of this but in the years of high school that I was at ADIS, I came across 6 teachers who made my years there worthwhile. 6 teachers who never forgot how painful it is to be a teenager in this day and age. 6 teachers that I will never forget.

Honestly, I'd never wish that school on my worst enemy. But that's just me.
An Ex-Student

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby Adi 15 » 15 Jun 2011, 16:50

ADIS is a pretty good school. The new CCE system is totaly a headache. Its just wasting our study time by doing some stupi activities. Can't they the normal CBSE cilabus. As u go to higher grades u need to study more,work harder to get good results.But giving activities and other stuff the students cant concentrate
on their studies.So by keeping marks for FATs and activities even we have to study to get good marks. Last year without the CCE system we concentrated more on our studies.I don't like the CCE system a bit
Adi 15

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS reviews

Postby Inmate » 15 Jul 2011, 19:26

There isn't much emphasis on moral values and the students as they grow up tend to develop bad character. Though there is a segregation between boys and girls, there is always a bridge between them and the school management doesn't seem to care for it. Character wise i do not recommend this school.

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS

Postby Ex-Student » 23 Jul 2011, 01:13

"An Ex-Student" has perfectly summarized what it is to be like in ADIS. I've been in this school since grade 1 and I just graduated from there 2 years ago. 12 years in this school has brought me to a position where I could come to a conclusion about various aspects of this institution.

Firstly, this school really isn’t all that great as it is hyped about. Being in this school is considered a “feather in the cap” solely because it is the largest Indian school that has been established since a very long time with the fact that it also has the provision for grade 11th and 12th. But once the curtains open, it is hard to ignore so many defects this school has. Partiality is the part and parcel of this school where your talent and work is just thrown aside, as I too wanted to be a prefect, but was denied the same inspite of being here since a really long time.

Also, once you reach the higher classes, keeping expectations that the teachers would teach well is pointless due to politics played and the teachers thinking “Oh but the students go for tuitions somewhere else, why the hell do I waste my time teaching them?” Ofcourse, there are exceptions (read a handful) but such an attitude forces the student to really look out for outside help, which precisely happened with me. I actually understood all my subjects in tuitions and I merely attended school in grade 12 so that I have enough attendance to write the board exam. That would just mean that aside from the school fees (around Dhs 5000-6000), one must also keep money for any outside help (tuitions).

Many of the teachers, especially in the boys section, resort to abusing students, such as slapping them, my brother being a victim to it. Even if such events occur, bringing a complaint against these cruel teachers have no effect, since my brother himself forbade anyone of us to report that particular teacher. Having experienced myself, and heard by many others the principal too is an arrogant fellow who has no respect, whatsoever. Besides, the administration is loathed by almost everyone, due to its inefficiency, especially the attitude problem every person working in this section has.

And if you are planning to put your child here with this thought that he/she is going to learn how to respect and develop an acceptable behavior, then please change your thought about it. If you are going by the name of the school, then feel free to do so, but if you expect the child to learn something worthwhile, then please consider other options. There are many other Indian schools that are much better, if not bigger, in comparision to ADIS. The only best thing that occurred in ADIS for me, were the friends that I acquired here, and a few really amazing teachers that I will never be able to forget.

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS reviews

Postby ex student » 04 Aug 2011, 23:01

ADIS..ADIS was the cruel joke life played ..true..that there is good and bad in that school..i have no ide about the management bit but i dont think the teachers are the bully..its the students that bully the teachers..the teachers that refuse to get bullied are labelled..oh and labelling is second nature in adis..now the good part is that being in adis prepares you to be tough..its a preview of the world..it makes you more cautious and smarter..surely its becuz of the tragedies that occur there.i was one of the popular kids..but honestly in adis it doesnt matter popular or not..they find ways to bully you..but in the end i guess everyone whose past out of adis has learned something..oh no i dun mean cbse portions..i mean adis is that cheisel and moulds you..and believe after adis the world seems lik an amazing place..AND those people who are sucessful right now ex students..thts not becoz of their grades or hardwork...its because adis teaches you how to snatch what you want..it makes you a shark.

so ll those parents who want a good education for their kids should send their wards to adis..but those parents who want their kids to become sharks out in the real world..you must definitely send your kids to adis..it ll break them into two..but it ll also teach them how to fix it...huge mistakes might be made..bt isnt tht what growing up is about..learning from your faults and falls...
ex student

Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS reviews

Postby A parent » 26 Aug 2011, 11:33

I m posting my question here because i really dont know whom to ask .can anyone plz tell me when do the new academic term of the indian school starts in abu dhabi.is it april or sept.is it the same for all indian schools.and when are the new admitted childrens taken.i m really confused.plz help me as soon as possible.i m seeking admission in one of the schools and they tell its midterm but they will take my son but i have to pay the first term fees.is it that the school term starts in april but newly admitted children are taken in september only i.e. after midterm.
A parent

Abu Dhabi Indian School academic year

Postby shawarma » 29 Aug 2011, 11:51

Most Indian schools in Abu Dhabi start the academic year in April including ADIS as far as I know, but contact them directly to confirm.
Please use the forum for questions, not the PM system.
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Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School ADIS reviews

Postby neena123456 » 11 Apr 2012, 23:14

My daughter is in 8th grade and son is in 4th grade in ADIS. Our impression was a really horrifying. On the first day only my daughter was given detention to run around the ground, just because she had two piercing, even after mentioning it was her first day in the school and we did nt kno the school rules. The teacher really really lacked humanity. Even the teachers weren't concerned at all they just wanted the work to be completed without even asking if they had any problem.

For my son, he told how his Arabic teacher was beating his fellow classmates. He was very terrified and told that he wud hv been beaten too, as we hv just shifted and hv no knowledge of Arabic, if the period wasn't over.

And let me also mention that they have a really very primitive way of treating their students, specially girls. They are very suppressed. I fear sending my children to this horrible school. I must say the teachers don't have any standard here.
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Re: Abu Dhabi Indian School teaching job interview

Postby sweta » 19 Mar 2015, 14:14

Could any body please tell me I have given interview at Abu Dhabi Indian School.

How much salary do they offer to computer teacher?

I have heard that here will be series of rounds after the first round? Is it true and what will be asked in these rounds then?

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