Can a wife sponsor husband for residency Dubai?

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Can a wife sponsor husband for residency Dubai?

Postby flash995 » 25 May 2009, 04:39

Hi There

My wife starts a job in Dubai 1st August , i am led to believe that she can only sponsor me ( her husband ) as a resident if she is either a Doctor , nurse or engineer .... is this correct ? she is a Lawyer

if this is the case & i can only stay in dubai on a visitors visa , at the end of the 2 months ( after getting an extension on my orginal 30 day visa ) am i able to leave the country & then re-enter on another visitors visa ( i am an australian )

any info on this topic is much appreciated.


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Wife husband residence sponsorship Dubai.

Postby shawarma » 25 May 2009, 11:40

Hello flash and welcome to the Dubai forums :).

Yes, an Australian Dubai arrival visa is available. And here are details of Dubai husband sponsorship. I would expect a lawyer comes into the category of professions where a wife can sponsor her husband.
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