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Education Adult Student Studies Sharjah

Postby shawarma » 10 Jun 2009, 11:39

Education Adult Student Studies, Sharjah or Adult Education Student Studies Sharjah, or similar, is an organisation that appears to offer teaching jobs in the UAE. Be careful when dealing with them, there are a number of red flags that indicate at the very least, unfamiliarity with the UAE education system, and UAE visa rules; or worse.

1. Using .tk domain names for their websites (.tk is for the Tokelau Islands which have very little to do with anything in the UAE, their main claim to fame at present is to give away .tk domain names for free). Note that a .com, .net, etc is no indicator of authenticity either since anyone can get them. It's just that they're not free (cost about $10 per year) so they are unappealing to organisations with a high turnover of domain names for their website.

2. Framing official websites in their domain name (framing is a techniques used by websites to make it appear as though someone elses website is their own, often picking on an official website to give their own organisation an appearance of legitimacy that doesn't exist).

3. Charging visa fees to job seekers - UAE law says the employer is responsible for costs of obtaining a visa.

4. Requesting money to be sent to an official UAE minister, person, or department. Visa processing fees are paid at the relevant immigration department, never sent to a named employee of the UAE government.

5. Organisation doesn't seem to exist, or it is very difficult to find independent contact information. If anyone does have any contact details for the Adult Student Education Studies center in Sharjah (or whatever it's called), please add a reply here so the Sharjah Colleges list can be updated.

6. Names of officials in the UAE misrepresented - visa fees and/or job applications are supposed to be sent to official sounding UAE ministry officials. A search of their name sometimes reveals that they are indeed the claimed official. If you're not sure, phone the ministry directly to see if the job is legitimate (find the phone number from an independent source first).

See also:

Sharjah education scam - one unfortunate example of how enthusiastic job seekers are taken advantage of.
UAE Ministry of Education School - another claimed to be new organisation that probably isn't.
Global Recruitment - an organisation that seems to recruit for jobs in schools that don't exist (and uses many or all of the red flag items listed above).
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