Visit visa Dubai for fiance

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Visit visa Dubai for fiance

Postby thisisme » 11 Jul 2009, 12:07

i have come to dubai on 26may 2009 on employment visa and my salary is 4500aed... i want to bring my fiance to dubai for a visit of 15 days... wat is the process ... pls help
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Visit visa options for Dubai

Postby shawarma » 12 Jul 2009, 08:41

Hello thisisme and welcome to the Dubai visa forums :).

You probably won't be able to sponsor her as a friend since I think there is a minimum salary requirement of AED 10,000 per month. But there are some other possibilities.

1. Tourist Visa for Dubai - valid 30 days, renewable once, needs a hotel / airline / travel agent sponsor.
2. Visit visa on arrival for Dubai - valid 30 days, renewable once or more, she needs to be from one of the countries that can get a free visa on arrival.
3. Sponsored visit visa - valid 30 days or 90 days, not renewable, needs to be sponsored by a relative, or sometimes a company can sponsor someone.
4. Transit mission visa - valid 14 days (or maybe 16 days), company needs to apply for one, only issued to people with professional level qualifications or business related visitors.
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