Deported from UAE with no passport

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Deported from UAE with no passport

Postby hjnmalik » 23 Aug 2009, 18:49

Worked with out sponsors permission “Ghair amal kafeel” / Drinking Alcohol

Passport was handed over to the Dubai Immigration by sponsor
Date 14/September/2006 reported and passport handed over, by the management PRO

I was caught catching a taxi drunk behind Manazel Tower, Mankhool, Bur Dubai. On the 27th October 2006 at 03:45am.

I was detained in Raffah Police station for 20 days.

Got my Niyaba done, and the Dubai Courts sentenced 2 months in jail and deportation.

I was transferred to Al Aweer Central Jail, in the out Jail section.

“They asked me to provide them with a valid airline ticket and passport; I told them my passport was with the immigration. Passport was handed over to them by the sponsor management.

The PRO of the Al Aweer central jail checked, they said it shows in their system that the passport is here, but it’s missing in folders. “Misplaced”, so I told them it’s their fault not mine. “My passport is lost in the Dubai Immigration!” ”Dubai Police officer Al Aweer Jail”

I was sent to Suiahan Jail in Abu Dhabi, I was forced to leave the country without my passport, the Pakistani consulate member came there and he laughed at me and said you never had a passport. I was considered as illegal immigrants who come on boats to dubai!

I showed them my Dubai birth certificate and passport copies with my National Overseas ID Card. I was Born in Dubai and lived there all my life with my family.

I was left with no reason to leave UAE on the OUT PASS, on the 13th December 2006 I was deported from Abu Dhabi Airport.

Out Pass: is made for people who don’t have a passport and have entered the country illegally.
There is this rule if you leave the country with the OUT PASS you can never enter again!

Eye scan: Taken at the Suiahan Jail. And I was deported from Abu Dhabi Airport.

In the Dubai Immigration system it still shows that I am in Dubai, because i did not leave on my passport.

Please guide me on what can i do if i want to enter dubai again, and how can i clear the case.
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Abu Dhabi deportation

Postby shawarma » 23 Aug 2009, 19:48

Hello hjnmalik. Sorry to hear about your situation, it's sounds difficult to say the least.

As far as I know, if you have a permanent UAE immigration ban (which is normal after a conviction resulting in a jail sentence), then to get that overturned would be a discretionary decision made at the Abu Dhabi immigration department (since they imposed it). I expect that whatever your status is according to Dubai immigration, if you tried to enter the country and went through the eye-scan, the authorities would be alerted to the ban. If you managed to avoid that by entering Dubai on a new passport without the eye-scan, you would still be at risk any time you entered or left the UAE.

And you should probably assume there is an alert on the immigration department system against your name. I've heard different stories from people losing passports to get around a ban, to people being detained because they have a similar name as someone else on a blacklist. So it all sounds quite random.

As for your passport case, I think the available channels to get some sort of satisfactory resolution would be to complain to the Abu Dhabi Police directly, and/or employ a lawyer to make a case on your behalf. The Dubai Police have a Human Rights Care Department for situations like this so perhaps there's something similar with the Abu Dhabi Police. Although it sounds like you've already tried as best you can with the authorities and have been stonewalled.
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Is out pass is necessary for me from Sharjah immigration dep

Postby syed ali raza » 08 Jan 2011, 20:15

Dear Sir:

My visa was expired on 15-12-2010 & visa was cancelled on 5-1-2011.My ex-company PRO told me that a out pass have to be issued for you for over stay in UAE.
I want to know that, I have my original passport, & as per UAE rule after cancellation i have 1 month time to stay in UAE, so, please tell me that , what is the puprose of out pass, & when it ll issue from immigration department. & also in my case it will aplicable on me ?

please reply at your earliest.
syed ali raza

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