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Indian High School Dubai IHS reviews

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 13:27

Indian High School in Dubai (IHS) - information page.

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The Indian High School in Dubai made it to the news this morning with students complaining about their teachers. Now there's something new :shock: .

Who do you believe? The school or the students?

From Gulf News 18 April 2007...

Students claim teachers 'physically discipline' them
By Siham Al Najami, Staff Reporter

Dubai: Students from the Indian High School claim that some teachers slap them, bang their heads against the wall and pull their hair, but the school has denied the allegations.

A student sent a letter to Gulf News claiming that two teachers "physically discipline" students if they do not do their homework, wear a tie or chat with a classmate.

The boy, who wished to remain anonymous, said the punishment has been going on for several years. "I don't think the management knows about it, but I hope they will do something," he said.

Ashok Kumar, CEO of the school, said he never heard of such an incident. "The school management sends a circular to the teachers every year on the "do's and don'ts. We never discipline students physically," he said.

A senior official at Dubai Education Zone said, "We are against any form of physical discipline and if it is proven that any teacher ... abuses a student, we will terminate his or her services, following a formal complaint and investigation."

Gulf News interviewed students on the issue, and one student who did not wish to be named said, "Last year I forgot to bring my arts book to school and the teacher slapped me on the face in front of the entire class." His mother confirmed the incident, but said, "I thought it was a minor incident and told him to be careful next time. But the incident is still fresh in his memory." She said that she would address the issue with the principal if it happened again.

Another student said, "Our supervisor once came into our class and slapped a student because he had his tie in his pocket." The supervisor also allegedly uses "foul" words and calls pupils "b*******" said another student.


The supervisor said, "How can I say bad words when I am supposed to set an example for these students?" He said pupils know that the school has an open door policy. "They can even go to the counsellor and voice their concerns in complete confidentiality."

A senior official at the Educational Zone said she doubts any teacher at the Indian High School will hit pupils since the school is known for its good reputation and quality education.

When asked about using physical means to discipline students, Dr Raymond Hamden, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, emphasised that there should be disciplinary measures, but never through physical means. "Physical disciplinary measures lead to social anxiety," he said.
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