Resignation ban Dubai unlimited contract unfinished

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Resignation ban Dubai unlimited contract unfinished

Postby Noypiako » 06 Sep 2009, 23:09

Hi gud day to all.
I need an advice from all of you specially to shawarma.

I currently working in private company and i am holding unlimited residence visa. Now i'm 1 year and 8 months working in the company but until now they did't give increment for the salary. We are working 9hours per day and our salary is always delayed. Actually until now. I haven' t received my salary for the month of august.

Last august my boss told me that i can find a job to other company, even though im not giving any resignation letter. He told me that he cannot handle all staff because of companys' stability. So after 2 days that he said about that i post an ads to gulfnews then after i got opportunity in al ain and they want me to work in their company as soon as possible. Since i have a good offer in al ain. I told them that i can start to work on sept 13 2009. But yesterday when i told to my boss when can i have my noc. Because i already speak to al ain company that i will start on 13. He said i cannot leave anymore.

I was really upset in his unpredictable and unproffesional decision. I already told to
My family that i can send more income because i found a good company. But it was now a lost dream.

But i speak up to my boss this but he just ignored. I ask him for increment but he just ignored. I really want to leave my company. But im afraid because im not yet finish my 3 years contract. And im sure he wont give NOC. So even i send my resignation letter i still be in ban.
I want to ask if i take this matter to labor dept, do they help me to take me out from this bad company. And can al ain company give me residence visa even i dont have noc? Please correct me as well if im wrong in any points that i said.

In advance i want to thank you for the help . Coz im sure i got reply.
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Resignation Dubai to Al Ain

Postby shawarma » 07 Sep 2009, 01:33

Hello Noypiako and welcome to the Dubai job forums :). Sorry to hear about your difficult situation.

1. There's no such thing as an unlimited residence visa in Dubai. Residence visas are usually for 3 years at a time, renewable.
2. There's no automatic immigration ban when you cancel a residence visa.
3. There is an automatic 6 month labour ban in Dubai and the UAE when you finish a job, unless you can find a way to be exempted, or maybe pay a ban lifting fee (but I still don't know if that is officially allowed).
4. If you have a limited contract then if you leave before completing it then you might end up with a one year labour ban, and the company might impose penalties on you for breaking contract.
5. If you have an unlimited contract, then usually the notice period is 1 month but check with your contract and contact the Dubai labour department if it is more than 1 month. You can get an exemption from the ban if you have an NOC and have worked more than 1 year, or without an NOC if you have worked for more than 3 years (perhaps - again, confirm this with the labour department in Dubai).
6. I can't speak for the company in Al Ain so you'd have to ask them if they can arrange a work permit if you don't have an NOC.

If you have a disagreement with an employer that cannot be resolved, then the next step is to contact the UAE labour ministry. Either to ask for advice/information, and/or to file a case against your employer, and/or to plead special circumstances to be exempted from a labour ban.
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