Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

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Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby raffyT » 11 Sep 2009, 18:38

I am new to this forum and i need some good advise and right information. I already made a couple of visits to the DNRD and reviewed the procedural manual published online by the Ministry of Labor but i still have not found the answers i am looking for (or it can be possible I missed them). Here's my case:

I entered Dubai on an employment visa more than a month ago to work for a non-freezone company that a close friend (let me designate him a fictitious name Bugs Bunny) of my good friend has set-up in Deira. The problem is for several weeks I have not been provided a contract though I already started doing work for Mr. Bunny and have been pressing him for like everyday to provide me a contract, which i understand, is a pre-requisite for me to be issued a labor card. Finally, when he sat down to discuss with me his offer I realized he cannot provide a good package so I asked him that i be released from under the company's sponsorship, and that I be allowed to look for another job in Dubai with a better offer.

I do not wish to go back home since I already incurred debts over there by coming over here, and with friends here in Dubai who helped me try to settle down. Mr. Bunny was hesitant at first but when I found a way for the company's local Emirati sponsor (who seemed to become sympathetic to my cause) to convince him, he finally agreed. He told me he will facilitate cancellation of the visa first thing on Sunday. This, he said, is necessary since he won't be applying for a labour card for me, anyway.

My questions now are these:

1. How long will be the grace period that will be granted me once my used employment visa has been cancelled? I was told this is different from the 30 days normally given for those with a visa stamped on their passports who have had their residence visa cancelled by the sponsor.

2. Is it really possible for my current sponsor to extend the employment visa validity to 10 days or more? A PRO from one company (Mr. Bunny has got no PRO for his company) told me, based on DNRD rules (he's not sure, though), this can be possible but normally, I am only given 60 days to stay in the UAE if the company is not intending to have a residence visa stamped on my passport. This means, in order for the company not to get a fine, that they cancel my visa before this 60 days (counted from the time I entered UAE) and that I exit before this expiry unless I wanted to be fined and perhaps even blacklisted, for overstaying. It also means, I should be out of the UAE by next week or else I can expect CID guys to come knocking at my door!

3. Also, am I required to exit the UAE if I get a new offer from a new company (a freezone company) if i sign up for a this new employment before expiry of the grace period? Is getting employed by a freezone company my only hope of avoiding a ban? (Oh, did I mention Mr. Bunny provided me an employment visa for an office clerk though I was expecting to be hired as a Manager?)

Anyone out there, please help me get answers, and fast (I do fear the CID officer's knocking on my door thing).
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Dubai residence without job contract

Postby shawarma » 12 Sep 2009, 11:07

Hello Mr Bunny and welcome to the Dubai job forums.

1. There are several terms used that need to be clarified. An employment visa is an entry permit for Dubai that is valid 30 days (I can't remember if it can be extended to 60 days) and then expires. It doesn't get cancelled. A residence visa is a Dubai residency permit usually valid 3 years and needs to be cancelled if leaving or transferred if changing sponsors. A labour card / work permit is applied for by your employer after you have entered the country on an employment visa, and in conjunction with a residence visa.

If all you have is an employment visa then once it expires, that's the end of your trip to the UAE until you apply for a new entry permit (or renew it if that is a possibility). There might be a grace period of 10 days but that's only something I heard from an immigration official once, so don't assume that's confirmed and always the case.

If you have a labour card and residence visa, then after Dubai visa cancellation process, you then get a 30 day grace period to exit the UAE (or complete a new residence visa/work permit application). I don't know of a different grace period but check with the Dubai residence department (and let us know what they say).

2. Usually if you overstay a visa, you get a fine on exit or when you legitimise your status at the relevant immigration department. Allow AED 100 or 200 per day. I don't think the CID spend a lot of time running after people in that position. People who have entered the UAE illegally (as opposed to those who entered legally but overstay) are investigated more seriously (I think by immigration officials rather than CID). See point 1 about visa cancellation.

3a. No, you don't have to leave the UAE to get a labour card and residence visa, you can transfer your status (or something like that - might be additional fees to pay).
3b. You might not have a ban in Dubai if you didn't have a labour card in the first place. If you did, then moving to a free zone doesn't necessarily mean you avoid a ban - it's automatic unless you stay with the same sponsor (for example different company within the same free zone), or various other exceptions apply. Check with the Ministry of Labour in Dubai to see if a ban will apply in your case (and let us know what they say).
3c. No you didn't. It's not uncommon in Dubai for there to be a mismatch between job title on official paperwork and what you actually do.
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Re: Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby apol » 26 Sep 2009, 04:20

hi raffy and shawarma.. i have been very interested in this topic (i actually posted my own LOL)

anyway, raffy, your employment does not have stamp yet? as far as i know (correct me shawarma if i am wrong) employment needs to be stamped by immigration first in order to be valid. If within 30 days and it has not been validated, it will be null and void.

Also, as i understood this, you dont have labour card and residence visa yet so cancellation wont be necessary, therefore, you wont have a 6months-1 year ban.

If your employment visa will be expired, you need to go outside the country to get a new visa. You can avail a visit (tourist) visa which valid either 1 month or 2 months.

Shawarma is correct, CID here does not have much concern of people who has been over staying here but for your own good, it would be better if you will exit before the expiration of your visa in order to get new visa since the fine is a bit expensive.

Hmnn...i have Q for Shawarma..hey man, if i have been banned in abu dhabi, will it affect me even if i am going to work in free zone area?

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UAE free zone work

Postby shawarma » 26 Sep 2009, 09:34

Thanks for the comment apol.

apol wrote:if i have been banned in abu dhabi, will it affect me even if i am going to work in free zone area?

See your topic about work in Abu Dhabi free zone with labor ban.
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Re: Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby cynthzpa » 24 Feb 2011, 10:05

Good day I hope this is still active. I have the same concern regarding my employment visa. Since my employer does not want to proceed with my employment they gave e a chance to find a new employer. Is there a need for cancellation of the permit since I entered Dubai last Feb. 1st before my new employer apply for a new one, and how many days I can stay at Dubai after cancellation for the processing of new employment visa?

Re: Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby BoyAstig » 05 Apr 2011, 00:06

I just want to ask regarding employment visa cancellation, I resigned few days back and after a couple of days my company will cancel my labour permit as well as my visa.as i got a new offer I am planning to exit in kish island only not to my country.so is it posssible to exit in kish ?
will the company object my move? because usually what is happening to our company they will send also the PRO to the airport and hand your passport there.

Re: Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby Can Help You » 08 Apr 2011, 22:30

For more information you can call 800665 for free. But I have the same situation as yours. You have 30 days grace period effective on the day of the cancellation of your visa. You don't have to exit in kish. You can apply in freezone or gov't company without implementing the ban.
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Re: Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby abner » 20 Apr 2011, 11:57

hi! good day to all;
i want to ask someting i was resigned in my previous employerin in dubai and my residence visa get cancelld already last 2 april 2011 and i still here in dubai using my 1 month grace period but that is my problem is this i got another employement visa last april 11 and i tried to work in that company for 4 days but now i want to quit because of some reasons i want to cancell this employement visa is it posible?anyway this employement is not yet stamp because im not yet going out the country because my passport is still in my previous employer. can i get visit visa after i will get exit? im planing to go to kish before my grace period expires but when i go back i dont want to used that employement visa that my new company issued me . plese help me

Re: Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby ena » 01 May 2011, 13:03


Kindly please help me, Iam working with a company in Jeddah at the moment.

A big company group in Dubai has applied employment visa for me to enter UAE, is it possible for me to cancel to join with the company in Dubai? Because I have another better offer in Abu Dhabi, if it is possible, will the company in Dubai be able to file a case againts me as I have signed the contract etc?

Please your kind assistance..

Many thanks


Re: Employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby pulinday19 » 10 May 2011, 10:19


Please help.

My contract with my employer was cancelled after working with them for 6monhts.My residence visa was cancelled last April 19. I am currently using my 30-day grace period. I would like to stay longer in Dubai to be able to have more time looking for a new job. I got some info that I can get a visit visa so I can stay longer. My question is, what are the processes and chances of having my visa change from cancelled residence visa to visit visa? will i have a ban? do i need to exit to Kish?how long do i need to exit? or can i do airport-to-airport exit?


Late employment visa cancellation and grace period Dubai

Postby noams » 29 May 2011, 10:28

hi, i am working in dubai for 3 years, and i resigned on the last 16 may, my employement visa expired on 19th may, now i got another job in another company.
please help me to answer in thses issues:

1. my visa will be cancelled late i.e. after 15 days of visa expiration, in these case what fine will be or nothing?
2. do i get a grace periond or not?
3. is there any issues/fines while being exit from dubai for returning to join the new job?

i will be so much appreciative if you kindly help me find the solutions. thanks


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