Smart Children's Nursery Dubai reviews

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Smart Children's Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby shawarma » 19 Sep 2009, 17:20

Smart Children Nursery Al Jafiliya (SCN, SCND) information page.

Smart Childrens nursery and preschool located in Al Jafiliyah (Al Jaffiliya) community area of Dubai (where the main immigration office is, near the Trade Center Roundabout).

Information still needed:

Nationality of most students, or nationality breakdown?
Nationality of teachers?
Nursery tuition fees?
Teacher salary range?
Any daycare or creche facilities also?
Number of students about 100?
Number of staff?

Add your comments and reviews here.
Please use the forum for questions, not the PM system.
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Be aware of the Smart Children Nursery - Dubai

Postby Nana » 28 Oct 2009, 13:45

To All Parents

Be aware of the Smart Children Nursery - Dubai

When we put our child there we thought that we will have peace of mind ..

But after one month we want to take him out because we were not comfortable with the way they handle our child
And how they behave with us as a parents ..

The management lady there very rude and wanted to take money of extra month although we follow the exact condition on the
Contract and send her an written notification 2 month before the cheq date..

Yet she just wanted the money even if it’s not her right and waste our time going back and forth to the police station ..

And when we try to call her to find some solution she hang the phone on our face ..

Just parents save yourself a hard experience and find a nursery where there is an understanding management and not money oriented..

And try to check the reputation of the nursery before registration your child
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Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai

Postby Mom » 04 Nov 2009, 14:57

Beware of smart of childrens nusery in Dubai.

The nursery is run by a lady who is very rude to the parents, for name sake she has a teacher for each class but these teachers only comes 1/2 times in a week and the children are left with nannies in the class.

In the beginning, this lady will give you a list of activities which the children do in school but later you find out all that is bogus and it does not exist.

If you complaint of your child not being attended to by a teacher / your child gets hurt in school she says it is like this- TAKE IT/ LEAVE IT, and she bangs the phone down. Absolutely unprofessional set up.

So, your children are better at home rather than attending a nursery which is SHAM..............

Absolutely painful experience for you n ur child
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Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai

Postby Mom » 04 Nov 2009, 16:31

Smart Children Nursery - Dubai

Non- compliance list

BUSES- Non complaint (they r white n not yellow, also its a van & not a school bus) as per ministry guidelines
CLASSES- Managed by nannies NOT teachers
HOLIDAYS- too many, more than any industry standards
UNIFORM- u pay for X no. and u get less than that
EXTRA curriculars- whatever is committed is not practiced (a very shabby swimming pool)
NO MANAGEMENT- ONE man show (accountant/ cashier/ receptionist/ owner etc.)
ATTITUDE- VERY rude to parents

If you complaint, than you are asked to withdraw ur child's admission next day :o
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Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai practicing illegal practise.

Postby Ruddhi » 12 Dec 2010, 09:50

Dear Parents,

This is what happened with us and we have mailed this subject matter to the principal but she refused to give a written apology. As a parent what should be my stand on this and How is the LAW supporting us in our given situation. Please help.

Let me at the onset recount the entire episode with regards to the above subject matter.

On Dec 1, [edit by moderator]name removed[/edit], who generally is dropped home by the SCN (Smart Childrens Nursery)school bus around 1.15 – 1.20 pm, had not reached home even till 1.40 pm. When we got in touch with the nanny on the bus, we were told by her that the bus had already left school on the regularly scheduled time and was waiting outside Citibank at Bank Street. This was because one staff of SCN (coincidently sister-in-law of yours) had taken the bus for some banking matter and that Thwisha will only be dropped once that matter gets done.

In utter disbelief we asked the nanny how could she do this, to which she replied that she was only following orders from YOU. The driver on the bus seconded the nanny’s view and also said that it is not the first time that this has happened and to put it in his own words he said ” Aap Mrs. [edit by moderator]name removed[/edit] se baat karo, kyuki yahaan to unka hi kanoon chalta hai”, which means you speak to Mrs. [edit by moderator]name removed[/edit] as she sets the rules that everyone has to follow. This is when I spoke to you. You apologized, but like so many other previous instances, you put the entire blame on the nanny and the driver that you had only asked them to take a detour to drop your sister-in-law to the bank and not actually wait till she finishes her work there. My intention here is not to put the nanny’s or the driver’s job at stake and it is clear that they cannot take this call without clear orders.

Taking a detour itself without my consent is completely unacceptable, given that a 3 year old child, who cannot even communicate her pain and fatigue by the end of the day in school, needs to be dropped home as soon as possible. Making the child sit in the bus for another 30-35 minutes, waiting for the someone at the bank or anywhere else is unethical, illegal and does not speak too well about the people running this BUSINESS.

Finally [edit by moderator]name removed[/edit] got dropped home at 2 pm, in a sleeping state, sweating all over, her soiled nappy not changed for several hours perhaps and wanting desperate to reach the comfort of her bed, that she did not even have her lunch. She also developed an allergy behind her ears, which happens due to excessive sweating.

This a clear case of the parents and their children being taken for granted, because they have blind trust on the nursery and are too busy and gullible to take up such issues with the concerned authorities. I am not sure if my child is in safe hands and am worried whether taking up this issue will further harm her. At the same time a mere verbal apology is not enough to give me the confidence that such things will not be repeated. I need to know how and what concrete measure has the nursery taken to win back us parent’s trust, who always stand behind it, be it through testimonials or by referring it to our acquaintances. It will also tell us if the issue needs to be pursued further.

Will await your revert.

Re: a lot of thanks Smart Children Nursery - Dubai

Postby ruaa » 09 May 2011, 10:13

I was very surprised when I read this comment, so I wanted to talk honestly about my experience with this nursery as well as the management.

My daughter has completed two years in the nursery and Thank God i was very satisfied also my daughter was very happy .she enjoyed the activities provided by the nursery and learned a lot. now She didn’t complete 4 years & she can write all letters & numbers, knows all colors & shapes sing a lot of songs and learns swimming

From other side the manager is a nice lady and very cooperative.

Furthermore I have talked to many of my friends about the nursery also they registered their children there and they feel same satisfaction that I feel.
Thank you Mrs. Rai & all smart children nursery’s staff

Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai

Postby Not happy with SCN » 18 May 2011, 09:32

Hi everybody, I agree with above comments. I don't reccommend this nursery to anybody. It is all about the money. My kid was attending SCN a few years ago. The owner of the nursery is arrogant towards the parents and the staff. There are some nice nannies in Smart Children Nursery, who are friendly and caring for the kids. However, they are afraid from the school principal , not paid on time and threatened with a labour ban if they want to change their work. Many teachers have left because of poor attitude and conditions. When I decided to move my daughter to another nursery, she told me that my daughter was not behaving well anyway :O This is how this nursery works
Not happy with SCN

Ours was a good experience

Postby Pallavi » 07 Jun 2011, 16:25

Hi all, our daughter was studying at Smart children in the last academic year and she really liked going to school. I hardly went to the nursery except for the parent teacher meetings where the staff were very cordial. My daughter had learned lot of things and was really happy at the nursery. As parent we will all look for the childs progress and safety which we found at the nursery. So, please go forward if you want to admit your child.


Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai

Postby lalo » 16 Jun 2011, 14:55

oh no please don't send your kids their i really had a bad experience with them: bad environment where many kids kept in small place not allowed to run and play want they study, eat, sleeps all in the same room horrible experience and my son was not happy their at all every day keeps telling me i don't want to go and cry in the morning when i drop him their.

moreover because of the big number of kids kept in one place my son used to be sick all the time suffering from cold a coughing always and she used to call me to take my sun as he is sick and to bring not-contiguous letter from the doctor every time even with minor thing which force me to dedice to change the nursery and move my son before getting worning letter from my job for off days.

now after 3 months with another nursery my sick was not sick until now and he is a happy boy waiving bye to me every day in the morning.

just to advise you always ask your babies if they are happy their because they understand you even if can't talk.

Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai

Postby AnandhiA » 25 Jun 2011, 11:47


I do not agree with all the negative comments that have been posted so far.

My daughter has been attending Smart Children's Nursery now for the past four months now and I can see tremendous improvements in both her academic skills and communication skills.

Initially she was attending only the school and when my maid abrubtly left she started attending day care as well in the afternoons. I was at first apprehensive about this but from the very first week my mind was put to rest regarding her safety and development. Her teacher and all the nannies make sure she is well fed, clean and rested and I can see that when she comes back home in the evenings she is a bundle of energy and not at all like what one would expect from a child who has spent her whole day in school. Her principal, Mrs. Rai quickly put my mind to rest and assured me that my child would be in good hands and not to worry. This really helped me a lot at that time.

I am also receiving weekly reports of her work regularly without fail so I can see the gradual progress that she has made from the day she has joined the nursery. Apart from the usual academic learning she is also learning dancing, yoga, swimming and what not.

The other fantastic thing about Smart Childrens Nursery is their bus service. When I started looking around for nurseries I found that not many of them offered trasnport to my place even though it was inside Dubai. Smart Childrens nursery was one of the good ones that I came across that had this service. Additionally, when I had to change her drop-off location in the evenings, her principal was willing to do that at no extra cost, which appreciate.

I would recommend Smart Childrens Nursery to any mother who wants her child to be academically smart, happy, well fed and have a wonderful time away from their home environment.

Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai

Postby Anjali Ramchandani » 11 Aug 2011, 15:04

Hi all. I am a 42 years old mother with 3 daughters - 15 years [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit], 12 Years old [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit] and 4 years old [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit]. I sent [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit] (very first batch ) to Smart Children Nursery...i must say today if my daughter is a very intellegent and smart student because her base was strong and the credit goes to Smart Children Nursery. During [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit] time i was unable to send to same nursery however when [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit] was born i sent her too to Smart Children Nursery after experiencing trial with other nurseries during [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit] time. I must say, Smart Children Nursery is one of the best nurseries without doubt. Kids learn fast and in a very friendly atmosphere, they love their teachers and are given fair attention by the teachers and care takers. Even Mrs.Rai personally makes sure to give heed to each student. My elder daughter [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit] still remembers SCN with fond memories...Hena now in IHS loves and misses her school. If I had a fourth child i would undoubtedly send to SCN...

[edit by mod]Please see forum guidelines about posting personal information. Thank you.[/edit]
Anjali Ramchandani

Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby Happy Parents » 14 Aug 2011, 12:41


We are one of the most satisfied and happy parents of a child who attended Smart Children’s Nursery for 2 years, i.e. from 2008- 2010 till it was time to move on to the big School.

It is truly a Children’s Nursery, where Mrs. Rai, the Principal chose to be strict on their Sick children policy. We as parents were happy with it as our child would be safe and healthy and not get infection from other children around.

We remember how sceptical we were the day when we had to meet Mrs. Rai for admission for our then one year old baby, who could barely walk or talk. We were worried like most parents would be, when they leave their child in the day care, while they are busy working. But within days we were extremely happy to see our baby doing well in the safe and good supervision of Mrs. Rai. All the teachers and nannies, specially Aunty Lannie, were very loving and caring. What we liked most was their emphasis on safety and cleanliness. Not once has our child come home with a nappy rash or any problem thanks to their extra care.

Their bus service was also good and safe, as there was always a nanny in the bus who called the parent/nanny when they reached near the residence.

We had seen remarkable confidence & communication skills in our child, and we are certain she will be able to cope extremely well in any curriculum we choose for her. Last but not the least we would also like to thank Mrs. Rai for the help and guidance in choosing an appropriate school for our child. We would like to reiterate that our experience with Smart Childrens’ Nursery was extremely satisfying and tension-free. We would whole-heartedly recommend SCN to parents who are as concerned about safety and cleanliness for their little angels, as we were and leave the rest to Mrs. Rai… Keep up the good job M’am, it helps us to work tension free!

Mr. & Mrs. [edit by mod]Name removed[/edit]
Happy Parents

Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby Parent » 25 Aug 2011, 14:23

Hello, everybody!

My son-[edit by mod]name removed[/edit] was attending the Nursery for 2 years. I was very happy with the staff and Principal of Smart Childrens Nursery - Mrs. Rai. [edit by mod]name removed[/edit] has learned a lot of new things. The staff are well trained and professional. I absolutely disagree with all negative comments. My child was always clean, well fed and happy.

I would really reccommend this Nursery to all working mothers as day care was always available even when other Nurseries were closed for long vacation.

I wish the Nursery Managment & staff all the best & keep up the good work

[edit by mod]name removed[/edit]

Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby AY » 30 Nov 2011, 14:37


I read the reviews of SCN and management and would like to give my honest opinion of SCN which is solely based on our experience with SCN and the staff for almost 2 years.

1) SCN offers fantastic flexibility of timings, You may keep your child until 7 PM ( well obvisouly parents must spend max time with teh chld after nursery hours but this can be one of the arrangements for shorter period)

2) SCN fee is justified, Not very expensive for the facility and schooling they offer, Not top line though.

3) Learning - This one really depends on the child, my son almost refused going to school every day for 9 months, but we knew it had to do with his nature so we continued and he was very happy to go to school later.

4) SCN Owner attitude to Parents - At times Unacceptable and rude, if you are tolerant you can survive. The principal might treat parents rudely and has many strict rules ( read "No Budge"rules) Most annoying to us was to bring a medical certificate every time the child is absent from nursery to prove he was not sick. Understood that this is to keep other children safe ( I was shocked to know from principal that there are parents who send children even when the child is sick , well then this is justified to good extent)

5) Money oriented - Not really, the only money that was charged to us was which was mentioned as fee, nothing extra. Sometimes we experienced the management asking to pay cash and they would return the cheque , due to a cash shortage. The cheques were returned and no extra cash charged. So my opinion is that SCN is not greedy at all. You get teh service for money.

6) Staff - Courteous, I bet except the principal you wont find any staff who is rude, I think parnets should excuse the principal strictness which translate to stern talk which in turn sounds rude for the reasons of child safety and attention , which is her priority, Infact our first opinion was that because the principal is "strict"our child is safe. Be tolerant guys , have you ever managed a Nursery with mixed nationality staff , and instruct them to provide the best for child safety,

7) Bus service - Rarely any issues, but most recently .The principal terminated a bus vendor contract for bad service, We dropped our child ( usually late) but return bus service to home was good mostly.

Overall - SCN is a good nursery, I advise to observe child behaviour for few months, if he/she says "No school" every day even after that then you might want to try a different Nursery, Also if you notice the SCN review has complaints that are against the Owner Lady and not necessarily the entire nursery, so its better to have an open talk at the beginning with the lady to understand the "Rules" . Trust me you wont like messing with the rules of the Monarchy.

All the best, and happy parenting!

Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby purvidighe » 08 Jan 2012, 11:12

Our experience with SCN and the owner has been extremely postive. Our daughter has been going to SCN since she was 5 and a half months old and today she is 3.5 years. From the very beginning we have been very happy with the care and attention provided to the children. To the extent that when Esha was young and had diaper rash, I actually got a call from the Principal to confirm if the rash was from home or as a result of neglect at school....I remember her comment during the conversation "if it is from school then I will need to look into it because we have a policy of changing nappies every two hours"........the relief it gave to me as a mother of a 6 month old child was enormous.

Yes the school has a very strict sick child policy which as working parents is not always convenient for us......but then it is for the well being of our child.....

Yes there has been change of teachers and nannies....but every teacher and nanny has been quite caring and good......what impresses me most if the fact that the Principal herself knows each and every child by name and personality......

We have been to a lot of nuseries in Dubai and decided on SCN despite the old negative comments on this forum and have never regretted the fact....the journey the past 3 years with SCN has been rocky with ups and downs but not once have we ever worried about our child not being cared for.......and to us as parents that is the biggest factor while selecting a nursery for our child.

Today we have enrolled our second child in the same school and look forward to another 3 years with SCN.....
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Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby anisam » 08 Jan 2012, 12:37

Smart Childrens Nursery has been hosting my children since 2009. My eldest daughter had only turned 1 when I first enrolled her at SCN. I was very pleased with the nursery during the course of her study and found that it took very good care in terms of food, hygiene, medical issues and social, emotional and intellectual developmental activities. I was impressed with the education, self-confidence and independence she gained from SCN and was very proud of her performnace for the Kindergarten entry assessment. My eldest is now doing very well in the big school. I have recently enrolled my second child who is only 2 years old and was previously in a creche at my workplace. I have seen her develop from a shy, unfriendly and timid little person to an absolutely confident, happy, sociable and independent child in just one term. My second daughter will also continue at SCN until she moves to the big school.

Mrs. Rai maybe tough with the school rules but I think its all for the best of our children. As a person I have always found her to be very caring, extremely loving to the children, knowing every child's name and progress in the nursery. She even takes the initiative to provide as much support as possible to parents in handling different issues and advises well on the children. I am so glad that my children and I have been a part of SCN.

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Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby Mich » 01 Feb 2012, 09:40

I must say my experience with SCN has been much the same as Anisa. My son has just turned over a new leaf at SCN, he has lit up into such a cheerful little chap, his speech has come on so well in even just the short time he has been with Mrs Rai. Somebody even complimented me on how well he speaks the other day :).

I found the school by chance and so glad I did so that my boy can benefit from all the SCN has to offer for his last year before KG1. He loves the staff of the nursery and it’s so sweet to hear him talk about them at home and how he knows them all by name. I think the warmth that the staff of SCN offer is really what has brought him out of his shell. You immediately feel the love when you walk into the nursery, I think each child gets to feel they are super special.

As a parent it’s great being able to communicate directly with Mrs Rai, my sons lovely teacher and the rest of the staff. Everyone is so friendly and it’s nice to hear little bits and pieces of the activities of the day when collecting my son.

Mrs Rai has been so wonderful in helping and guiding me when it comes to finding the right school for my son for KG1, it’s such a daunting task and speaking to her about it all has really lightened the load. Really happy with SCN and I will definitely make sure my second son reaps the benefits of the school too.

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Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby nishu » 03 Apr 2012, 10:46


My brother is planning to send his daughter to this nursery. hmmmmm... I think he need to think twice.
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Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby pradeepunni » 15 Apr 2012, 18:54

[edit by moderator]Names removed - please see forum guidelines about posting personal information.[/edit]

Smart Children Nursery has really been a good one. [edit by moderator]Names removed[/edit], parents of daughter [edit by moderator]Name removed[/edit], came here, for our daughter – [edit by moderator]Name removed[/edit] who was 18 months, as a last resort, after trying 2 other nurseries. She is now 2 years old. My daughter took some time to settle down in the new place. The care takers – [edit by moderator]Names removed[/edit] were very kind and caring and my daughter is feeling very comfortable and happy with them now. She is excited and happy, got into a routine of sleep and eating habits. Mrs. Rai is very well experienced and is managing it very well. She is the one who gave me lot of confidence, when I had to leave my daughter alone for a whole day. My daughter has learnt to speak a lot of words, sings, dances and she is happy to say bye to us when we leave her every morning. We are happy that she is in safe hands and we made the best choice for our little princess .
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Re: Smart Children Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby Dawlat80 » 09 Dec 2014, 09:21

Very bad place. The person who seemed the owner was loud and obnoxious. The room with babies had no person inside. When i asked who is there, she said me. But she was on her desk.i dont know how this place is running and has children inside because the person in charge does not seem very trustworthy. i have to say it was very cheap compared to others, but i would pay more rather than risk putting my daughter there.

Re: Smart Children's Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby SIREESHA » 04 May 2016, 11:32

[edit by moderator]Post content deleted. Please see forum rules, don't post in all capitals, and keep language and tone more civil.[/edit]

Re: Smart Children's Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby MansoorShariff » 14 Jun 2016, 11:29

A preschool child spends on an average 1000 hours every year with their teachers.
A good teacher will plant the seeds of knowledge and nurture to produce tomorrows dreams.
It is crucial that you enroll them in an institute that develops them and instils the right values in them.
This is exactly what is done at smart children nursery .

My son [edit by moderator]Personal information removed. See forum rules.[/edit] has been going there since over a year now and the results have been phenomenal.
He enjoys himself while learning and on most days it is difficult to get him back home.

Smart children nursery has the right vision when it comes to your child development.
The staff are very friendly backed up by Mrs Sushila Rai (Principal and Managing Director )who is a veteran in the education industry.
She has over two decades of experience in the field.

Your child will be engaged in various activities and sports.
All the rooms are monitored by security cameras making sure your is child is safe and well attended.

My experience has been extremely satisfying and I would definitely recommend it to all parents.

Fees : 4/5
Education :5/5

Overall : 4.8/5

Re: Smart Children's Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby Manoel » 14 Aug 2016, 17:29

I am a mother with 3 daughters. All three of my daughters started from smart children's nursery. As they say: The proof is in the pudding. Hence I need not say more about the nursery - if they weren't good and passionate about what they do, then I would not have sent my second and my youngest child to SCN.
SCN principle is very passionate about her business and that is what I like about them. She is always on the job and ensuring that everything is in order. She takes time to talk to each parent and child and my daughters absolutely love her. All three of them loved going to school while at SCN and this has continued ever since. Thanks to a good, encouraging and motivating start to their academic journey at SCN.
The teachers and nanny are very friendly and have treated my children as individuals and this was important to me. Their style of teaching makes it fun for children to learn seamlessly and in just 4 months my daughter picked up so many letters and alphabets; and has also improved her vocabulary and eating habits.
Thank you SCN staff for taking care of my 3 princesses.

Re: Smart Children's Nursery Dubai reviews

Postby Maniar » 30 Jan 2017, 19:43

Preschool is the base of every kid and every parent want the best for their children,even i wanted the and my husband did a lot of research about different nurseries went through various reviews because we were very selective in getting the best nursery for our child were he could get a strong base.I am extremely happy that i found Smart Childrens Nursery.It is the best any parent would want for their child.MY son did not know a word of english he did not know to write a word or coloue or even hold a pencil.He had confusion in holding pencil .It has been 3months now and my son speaks excellent english he can write he understands the meaning of whatever he speaks his accent in english is superb,he sings rhymes.He can do everything in which he was nil.I was overwhelmed with tears wen i first saw my son write on my visit in parent teacher meeting coz he would never write or study at home.The best part is he enjoys going to SCN.

My suggestion to every parent would b that u send ur kid to smart childrens nursery and not pay attention to the negative comments written..
everything is excellent with respect to teachers,nannies,bus service,security,education,extra curricular activities and above all Mrs. Rai the principal and founder of scn.
It is an institution where the child not learns how to read and write he also learns manners and is made confident to face the world outside the house.

Thank U Mrs.Rai,teachers and nannies for all the support u have given my son and bought the best out of him.
SCN is truly the best nursery any parent would want for their child.

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