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Al Thuriya Private School reviews

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 14:52

Al Thuraya Private School Dubai - information page.

Add comments and reviews here.

School website ( - mostly in Arabic) attempts to install software on computer :? . Security Risk?

Microsoft PowerPoint is used for teaching English according to the English section of the Al Thuraya website ...
In our school we do our best to teach the newest curriculums and follow the modern techniques in teaching English language like using English lab and presenting many lessons by using Microsoft PowerPoint and other techniques to improve the students' listening and speaking. We teach both British and state text books.

Maths and Science department also has information in English (US curriculum from grades 1 to 9, appears to be taught in English)...
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Student missing from Al Thuria Private School

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 14:53

Not the best reason to have your school's name in the press. Bizarrely, the boy's mother is a teacher at the school, and he still managed to go AWOL.

The reporter could do with a quick refresher course on the use of the words 'principal' and 'principle' ...

From Emirates Today 12 May 2007...

Teenage boy is missing after being sent home from school

A 14-year-old boy disappeared mysteriously last Tuesday after he was sent home from school for not wearing the proper school uniform.

Mohsen Mohammed Hussain, a Yemeni student in the ninth-grade at Al Thuria Private School, left the school but did not reach home after his supervisor told him to report to his mother who works in the same school.

The boy’s father, Mohammed Hussain, only became aware of his son’s disappearance once school had finished and his son did not come home. Dubai police are still looking for the boy.

“I was surprised when the school’s supervisor told me that my son was not in the school. He had been asked to go home in the morning for violating the uniform rules,” said Hussain.

“I immediately notified Al Rashidiya Police Station about my son’s absence and complained about the school’s supervisor who told me to go to the nearby coffee-shop to find my son,” he said.

Hussain said he was angry the school did not take steps to hand the students over to his parents. Mohsen joined Al Thuria two years ago. “My son had never been sent home from school before,” said the boy’s father.

Hussain pinned the responsibility for the disappearance on the school management, as they did not call for him or the boy’s mother, who works as a teacher in the same school, to receive the student. Instead, Mohsen was simply allowed to leave on his own.

Hussain said his mobile number has remained unchanged for 10 years and the school called him a week ago to ask him to pay tuition fees. Akil Kathim, deputy principle of Al Thuria Private School in Dubai, said: “The management dialled the number of the father of the student. But the number was incorrect. When we asked the student about his father’s number, he said that his father had gone to Oman. So the supervisor was obliged to send the student to his mother who works in the same school.

“But the student did not go to his mother, and left the school without permission.” Khatim alleged that this was not the first time that Mohsen was caught flouting the school’s discipline code.

“Mohsen’s file is full of violations. The management had earlier sent him home for other reasons,” the deputy principle said.

“The student came to school in the morning wearing white shoes, a red and white stripped shirt and a hat.” The school management, he said, had earlier asked for Mohsen to be moved from the school but no other school was ready to admit him due to his disciplinary record.

Dubai Police are still looking for the missing boy.

According to police sources, when Mohsen’s friends were questioned about his disappearance, they said he was seen in a game shop in the area around the school.

Meanwhile, Mohsen’s photo has been distributed to police patrols and detectives.
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Al Thuria lost schoolboy found

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 14:54

Good to see the reporter got his principles and principals sorted out ...

Boy missing from school is found close to home

A boy who went missing after being sent home from school has been found safe by Dubai Police.

Mohsen Mohammed Hussain, 14, was discovered in a residential street close to his home in Ajman just after midnight yesterday, said Colonel Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Deputy Director of Dubai CID.

He had been sleeping rough in a public park since disappearing on Tuesday.

The search for the Yemeni student was carried out by the Dubai force because he went to school there.

“The police made a big effort to search for Mohsen outside the borders of the emirate before he was found in Ajman,” added Col Al Mansouri.

“We handed over the student to his father yesterday afternoon. The boy was found in good condition and was not hurt as a result of his disappearance.” The youngster had been sent home from Al Thuria Private School in Dubai because he was not wearing the proper uniform.

A police source said he did not return home because he was afraid of his father, Mohammed Hussain. The father signed a commitment to take good care of the teenager.

He said he had lodged a complaint with Al Rashidiya police station against the school’s deputy principal Akil Kazim, who accused his son of stealing and hitting schoolmates.

Kazim said Mohsen’s file was full of violations.The father however challenged the deputy principal to prove his allegations against Mohsen.

“Monitoring at the school should be intensified,” said Hussain.

“Half the school students play during the school time at the nearby coffee shop without the management’s knowledge.”
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