Allowances when UAE unlimited contract finished

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Allowances when UAE unlimited contract finished

Postby ahmeed80 » 04 Oct 2009, 22:15

Hi,I need urgent and quick reply about my following questions,

1.I finished my 3 years of unlimited contract on 1st October 2009.Don't want to renew and already informed my company.My labor card expiry date was also 1st October 2009.What to do next?Will my company still cancel my visa?Will my 30 days grace period starts immediately after 1st Oct,2009 or it will start when the company cancel the visa.
2.According to my contract i am entitled to have 30 days leave after one year with salary and ticket.In the first year,i took two salaries(one for completing one year and second was regular salary for my work) and didn't went for vacations so no ticket was given.In the second year i took my salary and ticket and avail the vacations for 30 days.Now after completing third year,still i am entitled for a leave salary plus air ticket for the third year of my contract?

Please clear these questions because i have a meeting with our PRO tomorrow and i want to know about my dues i must request from my company.

Thanks in Advance :)
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UAE work termination procedure

Postby shawarma » 04 Oct 2009, 22:58

Hello ahmeed and welcome to the Dubai forum :).

1. You need to give the proper notice to your company if you want to terminate an unlimited contract. As far as I understand the UAE Labour Law, it's 30 days but check your contract carefully. A limited contract terminates automatically unless both parties agree to renew or extend. Some contracts have a provision that a renewal is automatic. Again check carefully what the contract says.

2. A company is not supposed to refuse an employee request to cancel a visa. If they do, then you need to file a complaint with the UAE Ministry of Labor.

3. My understanding is the 30 days grace period (if you mean the period which you can stay in the UAE after finishing working for your employer) start date is from the last day of your employment, unless there are issues which need to be resolved with the labour department, but confirm that with the Dubai residency department.

4. About leave and ticket, you should check your contract and check with the labor department. You are entitled to leave salary in lieu of vacations days not taken, but I don't know of allowance in lieu of a vacation ticket since that is usually on the assumption that you are coming back to work after your vacation. You should be entitled to a repatriation allowance depending on where your point of hire was.
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