Scholars International Academy Sharjah reviews

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Scholars International Academy Sharjah reviews

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 15:17

Scholars International Academy Sharjah (SIA, SIAS) information page.

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Information from their website

Scholars International Academy is a progressive educational institution that focuses on developing the "whole" child. The school is based on the British curriculum, but incorporates the latest in thought leadership and global pedagogies from around the world. We encourage students to actively participate in their own learning and employ a broad range of educational channels to nurture and develop their "multiple intelligences".

Sports, languages, technology, performing arts, multi-cultural interactions, and community service are but a few of the numerous programmes that balance our strong academic core to promote well-rounded student-leaders.

Scholars International Academy is part of the SIG group that has been developing student leaders for 30 years. It is through a history of excellence that we have developed the educational framework to effectively prepare your child to realize their true potential and create their own future.

Our mission is to enable students with the tools, know how and critical thinking to effectively engage, adapt and succeed in the 21st century.
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Scholars International Academy (SIA) opening Sep 2007

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 15:18

Press release from 10 April 2007...

Scholars International Academy (SIA) to open in September

Set in a seven-acre campus on the border between Dubai and Sharjah, Scholars International Academy (SIA) will open on September 16.

Parents in the UAE have a new world-class school to choose from, one that promises to make youngsters better equipped to tackle the challenges of life inside and outside the classroom.

The school will be based on a British curriculum and will employ progressive teaching methods and educational best practices from leading schools and specialists around the world. SIA will be staffed by a highly trained, international teaching faculty.

Aparna Verma, Managing Director of SIA's parent company and a respected UAE-based educationalist for more than 30 years, said: 'Our priority is to develop confident young adults who can engage creatively and imaginatively in shaping their own futures. SIA will take a 360 approach to education and focus on more than academic performance and sport by including guidance on healthy living, public speaking, language and other important life skills through an inter-disciplinary curriculum.'

Verma said: 'Scholars International Academy is the product of three years' research into the best educational practices from around the world and 30 years of educational heritage. SIA will provide world-class education in the UAE.'

Catering to grades 1 to 5 in its first year, SIA will develop the 'whole child' through a wide range of channels: academics, sports and wellness, languages, technology, performing arts, social development and community service.

SIA has recruited Michael Henry, 56, a highly respected principal with more than 30 years' experience in the UK. Henry served at St. Anne's RC Primary School in the UK, which received the prestigious 'Investors in People' standard in 2000 and 2004. Henry was recognised for his 'excellent' leadership at the school by the UK's Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).

The school's Board of Advisors includes David Summerscale, former headmaster of Westminster School in London, which became the top academic school in the UK under his stewardship.

'Our aim is to encourage the principle of life-long learning, by making education challenging but also enjoyable,' said Henry. 'We want to equip students with the tools and critical thinking to help them lead fulfilling and successful lives.'

Henry added: 'I believe strongly in Scholars International Academy's mission statement, and the school's Board of Advisors are passionate about education. I'm proud of the campus and facilities, but more so of the people within the school. This is a chance to build a community where the self-esteem of children is nurtured and where the teachers feel a strong sense of belonging and empowerment, and the parents feel in partnership too.'

He said: 'A tremendous amount of research has gone into the new school with advice from many experts in the field, and the response to the project from parents, children and teachers has been very encouraging.'

SIA's teaching staff is drawn from around the world. Each class will be limited to a maximum of 23 children, and classes for grades 6 and 7 will be added next year. Activities featured as part of the curriculum in the first year include rugby, football, swimming, canoeing, rock climbing and basketball.

Juggling, dance, public speaking and even organic farming are part of the study programme.

The newly introduced Wellness Centre will also allow children to take time away from their regular study to learn topics such as healthy eating and fitness, and to engage in activities like yoga and pilates to improve their physical wellbeing.

Besides traditional facilities, SIA will feature more contemporary amenities such as a jungle gym, rock-climbing wall and an amphitheatre.

Aparna Verma, Managing Director of SIA's parent company, said: 'The quality of education depends on the way it is taught within the curriculum. Take the example of water. A child at Scholars International Academy will learn in science class that water has certain properties - for example, water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. In history, the child will learn how large bodies of water like the Nile River have shaped civilisations. In English, the concept of water will be explored in its literal sense and metaphorically. Our approach will be to explore themes that cut across different subjects to help children place learning within a contextual framework.'

Scholars International Academy is on a seven-acre site just off Emirates Road next to Sharjah University. The school is conveniently located on the Dubai/Sharjah border minutes away from Mirdiff.

Each academic year is split into three terms. Admissions are now open for the September term.
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Scholars International Academy language program

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 15:18

Press Release from 10 May 2007...

Scholars International Academy introduces global language programme

Scholars International Academy (SIA), a new world-class international school, recently announced the introduction of a global language programme as part of their new initiative to help maintain cultural identities within the expatriate student community in Dubai.

The aim is to create an atmosphere for students where they have the best of both worlds: an excellent British curriculum foundation with innovate language programmes that allow for a richer learning environment.

Offered as a third language elective, these new programmes will be taught using the Scholars Immersive Methodology, which will focus on developing native linguistic fluency. Students will be taught languages within the contextual framework of the literature, history, geography, art, music and drama of a culture.

Under the new initiative, SIA hopes to realise the meaning of an International community as well as encourage students to celebrate their own cultural heritage within the school environment.

'Not many of us recognise the challenge in creating an international and integrated student body. By offering additional language programmes, we hope to not only develop their sense of self-worth, but also to develop cultural tolerance among different communities,' said Aparna Verma, Managing Director of SIA's parent company, Scholars International Group, and a respected UAE-based educationalist with more than 30 years of experience in the region.

In September 2007, Scholars International Academy is introducing its Farsi and Afrikaans programme in apart from Arabic and other western languages. By 2008/09 they plan to introduce Russian, Hindi and Korean.

At Scholars International Academy, all students are required to take up a second and third language. Through these immersive programmes, they are provided with a richer learning experience which is easily incorporated into their overall learning curriculum.
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Scholars International Academy health & wellness policy

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 18:22

No more hotdogs for lunch :( ? From the Gulf News:

Schools aim to trim unhealthy fats from canteen food
By Nina Muslim, Staff Reporter
Published: August 18, 2007, 00:04

Dubai: Official efforts to trim unhealthy fats and sugar from school cafeteria food in the country have been stalled, leaving schools to introduce their own restrictions, generating fears it could be worse in the long run.

Unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle have been blamed for rising diabetes and obesity rates in the country.

Dr Juma Bilal Fairuz, director of disease control department and member of the Food Safety Committee, told Gulf News they had not given up drawing nutritional guidelines for foods served in school canteens, three years after they made the recommendation.

"We are still trying to pressure schools to serve healthy foods to reduce the incidence of diabetes and obesity ... since 2004."

Some schools have started taking the initiative and placed their own restrictions on unhealthy foods.

Wellness policy

The Scholars International Academy (SIA), on the Dubai-Sharjah border, is introducing a Wellness policy from the next academic year, including a healthy eating programme where the cafeteria will serve high fibre, low fat and low sugar foods.

The school, which accepts children aged three to 12, claimed it is the first in the UAE to implement such a policy, in a press statement.

Doctors who talked to Gulf News hailed the initiative but voiced concerns that any unregulated restrictions of a child's diet may end up adversely affecting their growth.

"It's a tremendous step as long as it fulfils the nutritional requirements of a growing child," said Dr Maha Taysir Barakat, director of Imperial College London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi.

She said the diet of children under five should not be restricted as they need calories to grow and develop, quoting a US study published in a journal on nutrition that called for a third of a child's diet to consist of fat.

Deborah Valentin, director of the SIA Wellness programme, told Gulf News the cafeteria menu has been drawn according to the school's guidelines with the aid of a nutritionist, to meet pupils' needs.

"All children and adults need essential fats, which are important for body function so we [will not be] restricting the good fats that are found in healthier food items like granola, avocado and nuts," she added.
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Re: Scholars International Academy

Postby ValGal » 04 Nov 2010, 20:29

Great school :)


Re: Scholars International Academy

Postby fatiman » 05 Dec 2014, 08:10

You reckon? I don't nor does the many hundreds who have come and gone through that is the worst school in the UAE

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