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American International School Abu Dhabi AISA reviews

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 15:37

American International School in Abu Dhabi (AISA) - information page.

Anyone have any comments, questions about this school?
What's it like to teach there?
What is teacher salary range?
What's it like to be a student there?

The school got themselves in the news today for less than desirable publicity about fee increases. From Emirates Today 27 June 2007...

Parents hit by fee rise after paying deposit

Parents are furious because their children’s school pushed up fees after they paid a nonrefundable deposit to enrol students for the new academic year. And they say they were not given enough notice of the increase.

The 11-per cent rise was announced by the American International School in Abu Dhabi, which has more than 1,000 students. The move comes nine months after the previous rise.

“It was only in September 2006 that the school increased fees by 25 per cent,” said one mother. “My daughter’s fees went up to Dh31,000. Now there is a further increase of 11 per cent and her fees will go up to Dh34,000. There should be advance notice.” Another parent, Dr Abdul Razak, said: “I am not at all happy about the fees increase. Most of us have already handed more than Dh2,000 as non-refundable deposit – the announcement of fees rise came after we paid the amount.

“Even if I want to find a new school for my children there is no way, because all the schools in Abu Dhabi are full and the admission process starts early.

“There was no advance notice. They told us to look at the school website to see the new fees structure.” The announcement was made when many parents had already left the country for summer holidays.

The school’s director, Dr Walther Hetzer, said: “The fees increase is approved by the Ministry of Education and is fully justified by the rising costs associated with operating a high-quality international school in Abu Dhabi.

“Increasing rents, salaries and costs of educational materials have necessitated the rise in fees.” Mohammed Salim Mohammed Al Thaheri, Director of Abu Dhabi Educational Zone, said a request for the increase was received from the school on June 11 and approved two days later.
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Re: AISA Abu Dhabi

Postby shawarma » 07 Sep 2008, 14:53

Elementary school prinicpal is or was Tony Moniz? Same as Tony Moniz that was Lower School Principal at Casablanca American School in 2007-2008?
High School prinicipal Mr Felim Bolster?
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