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Special Needs Family Children Development Centre SNFCDC

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 15:43

Special Needs Family Children Development Centre (SNFCDC) information from DubaiFAQs.com

From Gulf News 29 June 2007

Care centre offers a place of one's own
By Emmanuelle Landais, Staff Reporter
Published: June 28, 2007, 23:33

Children with special needs do not always get the start in life they deserve given a shortage of facilities and general lack of acknowledgement in how to educate or train them to be confident, independent people.

Centres that focus on vocational and educational training remain few compared to the number of children with special needs in the UAE who could benefit from a day centre to stimulate them.

The Special Needs Family Children Development Centre (SNFCDC) has taken nine years to get off the ground. Parents with children with special needs started the group by helping each other out and taking the children to one another's homes on rotation.

Safia Bari, director of the Special Needs Family group, achieved her dream of having her own premises to open a development centre earlier in April. "I wanted to have a villa with enough space to have some sort of running track and a pool for the children but no one wanted to rent out to me because they were scared. It is also very expensive and we depend on donations and sponsorship," said Bari.

"We visited over 30 places but they refused because we are doing something for children with special needs," she added.


The Karama Centre, however, was not afraid and currently leases Bari a large flat from where she runs the development centre, helped by hundreds of volunteers who give their time whenever they can.

The majority of the centres for children with special needs have either reached their maximum capacity of students or the students are just too old, which poses the question of where do adults with special needs go?

"Some of the children have no schools to go to. The centres have reached a ceiling point but they still need to get out. We can't just forget them. They are teenagers and need a lot of attention. They need their own place and especially to interact with other people. They have to come out of their houses," said Bari.

The centre so far accommodates about 15 children and is open five days a week. The capacity can reach 20 children for a morning session and 20 children during an afternoon session.

"We are starting out small and we will get bigger. Everything here is don-ated. From the rent to the air conditioning units, the equipment and the computers," said Bari.

The centre has been colourfully decorated and has a few pieces of gym equipment such as indoor bicycles, a treadmill and a weight machine. Five computers line a wall. The kitchen is also equipped with an array of baking and cooking tools. There is an arts and crafts room and a vocational training room with photocopier and binding machines.

"We have a boy who took a while to open up and look interested in what was going on around him. But after a session on the photocopier learning how to operate the machine, he asked me, 'Can I be a businessman now?' Being able to restore such confidence in the children is so rewarding," said Bari.

Field trips are also organised as often as possible. The children have been to Wild Wadi, Ski Dubai, and on desert safaris. SNFCDC summer camp offers activities throughout the hot months. "Some parents are still scared to take their children out in case they become the centre of attention or throw ... a tantrum, but the children are human beings and it is the behaviour of all children," said Bari. "It's for this reason that I started doing field trips because otherwise they would spend all their time indoors. The trips are open to the family as well. We have Eid, Christmas and New Year's parties."

Some of the children attend free of charge. Though there are registration fees, some families find these above their budget. SNFCDC has introduced a sponsorship scheme.

Sponsoring a child costs Dh800 per month and Dh9,600 per year. Anyone wishing to donate time, money or equipment can email the centre at snfgroup @ gmail.com

Sumaiya, 20, has just started volunteering at the centre and has no previous experience except for the will to get involved.

"I think it's really interesting and I want to see the children progress. It's my first day at the centre but I have helped at the summer camps. I want to get into teaching in future," she said.
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Re: Special Needs Family Children Development Centre SNFCDC

Postby narduram » 12 Dec 2009, 20:44

I went to this school since it was near my residence.

But they said that it is meant for children only above 12 years of age
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