International Community School Abu Dhabi reviews

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International Community School Abu Dhabi reviews

Postby shawarma » 07 Nov 2009, 15:41

International Community School UAE Abu Dhabi (ICS) - information page.

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International Community Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi (ICK).
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Add reviews, information, updates, here ...

How much are the fees?
School owner, number of students, nationalities, etc?
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International Community School Abu Dhabi

Postby teach » 21 May 2014, 23:47


Does anyone have any information on this school?

I have been offered a job there but there is not much on the internet about the school.

Many thanks
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Re: Teaching jobs at International Community School

Postby shawarma » 22 May 2014, 18:35

teach wrote:I have been offered a job there but there is not much on the internet about the school.

No not much, about teaching there anyway.

Two things that you should mostly consider if your weighing up whether or not to take the job.

1. Salary package - does it include accommodation, and where is it if it does?

School is in downtown Abu Dhabi which is typical of any central city area when it comes to parking and traffic. They probably have parking on the site for teachers but that's something to double check. Traffic jams will slow you down if coming in from the suburbs.

If accommodation isn't included then allow at least AED 4-5k per month if you want a basic room to yourself, 6-8k per month if you want a studio, or 8-10k if you want a 1 bdrm. Deduct 1-3k per month if you're prepared to live in an undesirable area a long way from downtown Abu Dhabi.

I don't expect the school fee schedule would support teacher salaries of much more than 7-8k per month and poor accommodation if provided, unless the majority of teachers are on lower salaries without accommodation.

2. Have you taught in an Arab school before?

If yes, then you will probably have some idea what to expect. If no, then it is different from teaching in a western school. ICS is almost all Arab Muslim students, mostly expat Arab, some Emirati. Female students are generally studious and well behaved. Male students once they get to 13 or so can become difficult to deal with depending somewhat on the school management. If the families have a bit of wasta then you might find school management more supportive of students behaving badly than teachers trying to have some degree of discipline in the classroom that supports a productive learning environment. Especially if the administration personnel are afraid of losing their jobs if a fee paying family complains about them to the school owners (this is a generalisation but is how it is in many UAE schools).

From what I understand the school is implementing some degree of reform and focusing on a more productive and creative learning environment. How that works out in reality remains to be seen since it has only started relatively recently - 2012 or 2013 I think.

There is a new school building opening in September 2014 in a different location downtown Abu Dhabi but not far from the main campus. That might mean it is better resourced and equipped than the main campus. I think the new campus is only British curriculum - there is some confusing information around about just how many branches ICS has or will have.
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