Uniform fees in UAE public schools

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Uniform fees in UAE public schools

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 15:58

This article from the Khaleej Times sounds like the MoE is making the school fees uniform, meaning the same, across all grades. But MENAFN seems to have interpreted the article as meaning the MoE is upping the fees for students' uniforms :? .

If MENAFN has it right, where do they think the uniforms come from at 6000 dhs per student? Paris haute couture?

Khaleej Times article...

Uniform fee order irks schools, parents
By Mohsen Rashid
5 July 2007

DUBAI — The decision by the Ministry of Education’s to make the annual school fee uniform for all grades in public schools has surprised officials of education zones, school managements and students’ parents.

The uniform fee decided by the MoE is Dh6,000. The decision applies to wards of expatriates who are working in both public and private sectors.

The revised fee structure will be effective from the forthcoming academic year. However, the conditions mentioned in last year’s decision will remain unchanged.

The MoE issued an administrative circular on June 28, 2007 regarding the mechanism of school fee collection.

According to the previous ministerial decision of August 7, 2006, school fees were divided into four categories: Dh3,000 for students of Grades 1-3, Dh4,000 for Grades 4-7, Dh5,000 for Grades 8-9 and Dh6,000 for Grades 10-12.

And MENAFN interpretation...

MoE rises uniform fees- UAE
MENAFN - 05/07/2007

(MENAFN) An executive at the UAE's Ministry of Education (MoE) announced that the ministry has decided to assign a yearly school uniform fee for all grade levels in public schools, Khaleej Times reported.

He went on to mention that this action has surprised many officials of education zones, school managements and students' parents and that the MoE has issued the fee to be an estimated $1,600.

It is noteworthy that the changed fees will take effect starting in September of the next academic year 2007-08.
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