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RAK Medical & Health Sciences University

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 16:17

RAK medical college (Health and Sciences University of RAK or similar - RAK-MHSU / RAK-MHU) information from DubaiFAQs.com. A press release dated 01 October 2006 from RAK MHSU had a few comments about location and study programs available

  • The MBBS program length is 5 years + a 1 year internship. Each year is two semesters.
  • RAK MHSU campus is in the RAK George Mason University complex.
  • RAKMHSU expects to move into its own buildings by end of 2008
  • RAK-MHSU Medical College MBBS has received "initial accreditation" from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR)
  • Other study programs planned at RAK MHSU after receiving MOHESR accreditation include
    • College of Allied Health Sciences
    • College of Dental Sciences
    • College of Nursing
    • College of Pharmacy
Any comments? Further information? Is RAK MHS intending to have a predominantly, or only, Indian student body? From the RAK MHS website FAQs page...

6. Once an Indian student completes his/her studies at RAK MHS University, will he/she be able to proceed further to India for higher studies and be able to write the MCI screening test? Can he/she practice in India?

As required by Medical Council of India (MCI) New Delhi, Indian students joining foreign medical universities, including RAK MHS University, are advised to obtain eligibility certificate from MCI well in advance, prior to joining the Undergraduate programs in Medicine. For details, please refer MCI website ...
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RAK Medical college new campus

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 19:48

There will be a new campus for RAK Medical Sciences University in 2008 according to a report in Emirates Today 19 September 2007, based on information from Vice-Chancellor Dr S Gurumadhva Rao. Summary of article is

  • New RAK MHU campus about 600,000 sq ft, on 10.5 acres of land donated by the RAK Government
  • RAK MHU Campus location next to Sheikh Saqr Hospital
  • Campus building will have at least 10 lecture halls, anatomy dissection hall, biochemistry lab, clinical skills lab and house the College of Medical Sciences, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and College of Nursing
  • The RAK MHU Dental College is also under construction but won't be ready until 2009, and is located about 1 km away from the main RAK Medical university campus.
  • RAKMHU started with 23 medical science students in September 2006.
  • Another 50 first-year medical students started at the RAK medical school in September 2007
  • RAK MHU plans to have 100 new students in each program each year before 2011 (report said "within 4 years").
  • Scolarships are offered to 10 UAE national students by the Sheikh Saqr Foundation each year.
  • Scolarships of 15% or more discount on fees are available for expatriate students with at least 90% in their Grade 12 physics, chemistry and biology courses. Larger discounts if marks are more than 95%.
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