Labour ban in UAE on husband visa

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Labour ban in UAE on husband visa

Postby saharasara » 09 Dec 2009, 14:40

I am on Husband's Visa. I worked for 6 months in a company in Dubai and decided to resign. If I will work again after a few weeks, am I allowed? They said, No labour permit will be issued to me within 6 months from date of cancellation of my Labour Card, is this correct?
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UAE spouse sponsorship and labour card

Postby shawarma » 09 Dec 2009, 15:08

Hello saharasara and welcome to the working in UAE forums :).

My understanding was that there was no UAE labour ban for employees changing jobs with husband sponsorship in the UAE since their sponsor and UAE residence visa don't change. Their new employer does need to apply for a new labour card though.

Check with the UAE Ministry of Labour for an official answer (and let us know what they say - especially if it's different to what I said :)).
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