UAE employment and residence visa difference

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UAE employment and residence visa difference

Postby wikkyahmedkhan » 17 Dec 2009, 11:30

my name is waqas i need to ask a question that is what's diffrence between employment visa n residence visa because i am doing job in a company n in my passport wrote rsidence visa if these both are same so why they called as differnt name.
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Re: UAE employment and residence visa difference

Postby shawarma » 17 Dec 2009, 12:15

Hello wikkyahmedkhan and welcome to the UAE visa forums :).

A UAE residence visa is permission to live in the UAE, and is stamped in your passport, usually valid for 3 years, and usually sponsored by your employer which is why it's sometimes called a UAE employment visa, or UAE employment residence visa or similar. This is issued by the UAE immigration authority.

A UAE employment entry permit (or visa) is a short term entry permit which an employer arranges for an employee to enter the UAE. After entry, the sponsor/employer then arranges a residence visa and work permit.

A labour card or work permit is permission to work in the UAE and is arranged in conjunction with a residence visa. The residence visa is stamped in the passport, the work permit is a separate plastic card issued by the Ministry of Labour in the UAE. Sometimes people call this an employment visa.
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