Labour complaint and salary not paid in UAE

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Labour complaint and salary not paid in UAE

Postby mubin1985 » 14 Jan 2010, 13:56

Hi, I have filed a labour complaint against my employer over the non-payment of my salary (2 months salary). I got a date for the appointment on 13th Jan 10 but my employer didn't showed up. So the legal advisors have again called me on 21st Jan 10. I have emailed the complaint letter copy and all the details to my employer. So will get a ban of 6 months, if yes, then can i pay the fees and remove the ban and how much will be the amount. And there was a law that if the employer doesn't give 2 months salary then i can transfer to the new sponsor without any hassle from the old sponsor..
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UAE labour ban lifting fees

Postby shawarma » 14 Jan 2010, 22:48

1. I have heard, and seen on the UAE Ministry of Labour (MOL) website that the ban lifting fees are AED 500 for each month short of contract completion but check with the labour department for up-to-date information.

2. I don't know about a law that says you can transfer to a new sponsor easily if your salary isn't paid for two months by your original employer. I think the law says you can leave without notice if your employer does not fulfill their legal obligations for example not paying your salary, however, by filing a complaint with the MOL, they might look more favorably on a subsequent transfer request without an NOC, and perhaps lift the ban without requiring fees. Perhaps the two month unpaid salary information is a guideline they use. Or it could well be an amendment to the labour law. Check with the MOL for official information about that.
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