Absconding penalty in Dubai

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Absconding penalty in Dubai

Postby salman9 » 20 Feb 2010, 13:58


I have really confusing situation.. I had been working with a firm for a period of 4 months, but due to some problems i had to leave the firm but by then i was already in a 3 year visa given by them, but even after working for 4 months they gave me an NOC. I have the Noc and passport with me, the issue is the NOC is dated in October, and i have not been succesful in finding a new job, a few days back they have put up an absconding case against me, now its been almost 5 months since i have left the firm. I want to cancel my visa and leave back to my home country (India). Wht will the problems i willbe facing if i go to the Immigration directly to cancel my visa, i am fine with a 6mnth or 1 year ban. But will i face a jail term or a life ban, will i have to pay money to cancel and move out from here ?? please do advice me as am really confused and worried ?
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Absconding case results in jail in Dubai?

Postby shawarma » 21 Feb 2010, 00:46

Hello salman9 and welcome to the Dubai visa forum :)

1. As far as I know, before a company can cancel a Dubai residence visa of an employee who is absent, they have to file an absconding case.

2. An NOC might not help you avoid a Dubai ban anyway as you have been working for less than 1 year.

3. I can't speak for the Dubai immigration department. You could contact their telephone helpline to ask what problems you might face by cancelling your visa. Normally the employer does the visa cancellation anyway. I expect a fine is possible, and probably a one year ban as a result of the absconding complaint. Jail and/or a life ban doesn't sound likely to me but I'm not a lawyer or have anything to do with the legal system so I cannot say for sure.

4. You could also try contacting your old employer to explain that you want to cancel the visa and leave the UAE, perhaps they would consider removing the absconding complaint and cancelling your visa.
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Re: Absconding penalty in Dubai

Postby shaman » 27 Apr 2011, 15:56

I have almost the same case situation. My employer terminated my contract late of September 2010. If I remember it right I surrendered all my ID's including my labor card around mid of November. I have loaned a car from the company and it is salary deducted. HR asked me to return the car so they can cancel my visa. I went to return the car but they asked me to pay the difference of the current price value which I cannot afford. So I tried selling the car and was settled on March of 2011. I did not stop communicating with the HR which they claim and filed an Absconding case to the immigration. I only came to know when I made a follow up to the HR personnel about the status of the cancellation of my visa. They told me to pay 2880 Dh to cancel/lift the absconding case they filed to the immigration office. My question is, do i really need to pay the cancellation of the absconding case they filed against me to clear whatever is waiting for me in the immigration? i need to know who to talk to with regards to this matter...hope u can help tnx.

Re: withdrawal of Absconding complaint in sharjah

Postby KOMAL » 27 Apr 2011, 16:29

My husband was working for a Trading Co in Shj. He was to complete his three years contract in 2nd week of feb this year. He had resigned in Jan and was in his notice period when he was arrested and was sentenced to jail for 6 months from Jan 27. His employer without having knowledge of my huband being in custody has filed an absconding case on him and got his visa cancelled ( which had expired in feb too when my husband is in the jail ). How can I get this complaint withdrawn? Do we have to pay a fine for the withdrawal and is there a complulsory 1 year ban even if the complaint was made in misunderstanding? please let me know.

Re: withdrawal of Absconding complaint in sharjah

Postby alyannah » 13 Sep 2011, 15:39

KOMAL wrote:Do we have to pay a fine for the withdrawal and is there a complulsory 1 year ban even if the complaint was made in misunderstanding?

We are facing the same issue of problem but till now i havent receive any info about it,in chance that i have i will let you know and please get back to me aswell if you find ans.


Re: Absconding penalty in Dubai

Postby salman ali » 16 Sep 2011, 11:49


I had a similar situation which i have just read,I was declared absconded by my employer however i was not well and under treatment for 12 to 14 days in dec 2007 last week to jan '08 when i contacted them after i recovered they informed me as you were not contactable and were not coming to office we marked you absconded,and to get the absconding case removed you need to pay 3000 AED how can i pay that i keep them informed during my sicknes that please get my salary relesaed for Jan' 08 and Feb '08 and they everytime gave me the same answer you were not coming to office for two weeks during Dec and now that even if you come to office for jan and feb first we need to close the absocnding case against you so pay AED 3000 first and we will release your salary for last two months.

at last i got my salary in march for Jan and feb and they informed me that we have sent your passport to immigration and and absconding case is still open so you can only get your passport from immigration as my VISA was of free zone nothing to do with labour ministry at that time.so i have no option left i called my employer asking now what to do from where i get my passport i have to leave,I have taken a loan from my employer as well so they told me you need to pay the loan in full first than you need to face charges for absconding as we have already reported a asconding case,than you will get your pass port from the immigration only i called the PRO of my company he guided me to the immigration jail in jumeirah where he has deposted my passport so i decided to surrender as no option available.

While leaving dubai i have to spent few days in immigration jail in jumeirah and before leaving tduabi i had to undergo all test like eye scan ,finger prints,they have put a life time ban so is their a way to lift the ban.
salman ali

Re: Absconding penalty in Dubai

Postby nasar sahib » 04 Feb 2012, 22:44

Iam nasar I were working in royal gate real estate 3 years before when I came to vacation to my hometown ( India ) I couldn't come back because I had some bad situation. Now I try to come

I applied visit visa but rejected, and after got information I got life ban. How can I come to dubai give me good advice.
nasar sahib
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