UAE television

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UAE television

Postby shawarma » 02 Jan 2008, 11:53

Assume all information here is unconfirmed, and subject to error. Corrections are welcome :).

See also information about UAE radio stations.


Hotbird / Hot Bird

Satellite / Cable / Terrestrial providers

Abu Dhabi Television Network, Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC), Abu Dhabi
Al Jazeera - Doha, Qatar, based provider (not related to Al Jazeera Publishing, a media and news organisation founded in London and with an office in Dubai)
Arab Media Group (AMG), Dubai,
Arab Television Network (ATN), Dubai (part of the Arab Media Group)
Dubai Media Incorporated
E-Vision (Etisalat, cable?)
Emirates Media Incorporated (EMI), Abu Dhabi, ( also works), 3 TV channels - Abu Dhabi TV, Abu Dhabi Sports, Emirates Channel
Fujairah Media, Fujairah
Middle East Broadcasting Center (or Corporation?) (MBC), Dubai Media City,
Orbit ( - they say 4 TVMAX channels, 6 Western movie, 2 Arabic movie, 8 Western entertainment, 5 Arabic entertainment, 5 News, 5 Sports, 7 Kids, 4 Factual, 3 Music TV, 3 Pinoy, 20 Radio channels
Star TV

List of TV stations

Free to air?

Abu Dhabi Sports, EMI
Abu Dhabi TV, Arabic, EMI, news & current affairs, and other more general shows.
Al Arabiya, Arabic, MBC, news
Cartoon Network, English, children
Channel V, English, music
City 7 Dubai, English, general
Disney Channel, English
Dubai One, English, DMI, general (was Channel 33 / Dubai 33 / One TV?), UK/US series', movies, and Emirates news (also on website,
Dubai Sports Channel, Arabic?, DMI
Dubai TV, Arabic, DMI
E!, Fashion and celebrities
ejunior, English, children
Emirates Channel, EMI
MBC 1, Arabic, MBC
MBC 2, English, MBC, movies
MBC 3, Arabic, MBC, children
MBC 4, English, US series'
MBC Action, English, MBC, action series
MTV, English, music
MTV Arabia, ATN
MTV Europe, music
Nickelodeon Arabia? ATN
Noor Dubai, AMG, Arabic community affairs channel, launch date first day of Ramadan 2008 (01/02 September 2008)
Sama Dubai TV, Arabic, DMI
Shoof TV - a website, not a TV station? Launched by ADMG
Star Plus, Indian
Sony Entertainment Televsion, Indian
Wanasah TV, Arabic, MBC, music, launched 03 July 2007, (not much in English, just a press release)
Zee TV, Indian, E-vision

Satellite / Cable

Al Jazeera Arabic
Al Jazeera Childrens Channel (JCC), Arabic,, website available in English
Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera Mobasher / Al Jazeera Live
Al Jazeera Sports 1
Al Jazeera Sports 2
America Plus, Orbit, US drama series - The OC, ER, Sopranos, Las Vegas, Stargate, Nip/Tuck etc
BBC Prime, Orbit
Cinema City, movies
Discovery Channel, Orbit
Discovery Science, Orbit
Discovery Animal Planet, Orbit
Discovery Travel & Living, Orbit
ESPN, sports
Fox Sports, sports
Hallmark Channel
Hollywood Star!
National Geographic Channel
MBC Action
MBC 2, movies
ShowMovies 1
ShowMovies 2
ShowMovies Action
ShowMovies Comedy
ShowMovies Family
ShowSeries 1, Showtime - 10 Years Younger, Spooks, Sex and the City, Footballers' Wives, 24, Bones
ShowSeries Extra, Showtime - mostly the same series as Show Series 1
Showcomedy, not the same as the ShowMovies Comedy channel
Star Movies
Star World
Super Comedy, Orbit
Super Movies, Orbit
Ten Sports, sports
TCM (Turner Classic Movies)
The History Channel
UKTV Granada
VH1, music

Eventual page will have

Channel information in table - Station, genre, provider, type (satellite, cable), censorship, contact, description/comment, what else?
Provider information - cost, channels, contact, opinion, what else?
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City 7 TV

Postby shawarma » 02 Jan 2008, 12:00

Based in Dubai Media City. English language TV station.
Shows Aerobics, news, sports, aerobics, kids stuff, aerobics, random lifestyle shows, occasional aerobics, and Basil Brush.
Website: (only a home page and a schedule?)
Tel: +971-4-3672360
Fax: +971-4-3676080

COO and Executive Director of City 7 TV: Ron Kapadia

From City 7 press release:

City 7 TV is the U.A.E.'s first English language television channel producing various local programmes spread throughout the viewing day and is a spectacular showcase on the fastest growing and most dynamic country in the region.

City 7 TV is a satellite television channel accessible to all viewers free-to- air on Nilesat 101 reaching approximately 5 million households in the Middle East and North Africa. It is also available on Channel 1 of Showtime, Channel 140 on e-vision and Du IPTV. City 7 TV is also distributed in all major hotel chains in the UAE and many countries in the GCC.
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Sama Dubai TV

Postby shawarma » 02 Jan 2008, 12:06

See the Sama Dubai TV page on
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Al Aan TV

Postby shawarma » 04 Jan 2008, 15:14, Arabic station, Middle East satellite TV station based in Dubai Media City, receive on Nilesat or Arabsat. News, sports, politics, business, lifestyle programs including:

Bayti (My Home) - family life and stories presented by Lara Ibrahim.
Sahhi W Saree (Quick and Healthy) - cooking program presented by Monique Bassila Zaarour
Chic Now: Fashion program presented by Cynthia Zeinoun.
Al Laila: Daily commentary on news presented by the Al Aan News team, including latest developments in health, medicine and technology.
Tele Magazine and Shu Fi Ma Fi for celebrity news.

Satellite information:

Atlantic Bird 4 (7.0 West), same orbital position as Nilesat 101/102
Frequency 12,341 MHZ
Polarization V
Forward error correction 3/4
Symbol rate 27.5 Msymb/s
Badr 4 (26 East), same orbital position as Arabsat 4B
Frequency 12111,08 MHZ
Polarizion H
Forward error corretion 3/4
Symbol rate 27.5 Msymb/s
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Noor Dubai TV

Postby shawarma » 24 Aug 2008, 13:06

Noor Dubai TV is a new 24 hour free to air Arabic language television station, to be launched on the first day of Ramadan 2008, by the Arab Media Group. Available on Arabsat Badr 4.

Noor Dubai will be based in Dubai (unsurprisingly, given the name), and will focus on community affairs with talk shows, game shows, current affairs programs, and documentaries. The intention is that the majority of programming will be produced in the UAE. The CEO of AMG, Abdullatif Al Saygh, said it would be "like a newspaper on TV". Noor Dubai TV has grown out of the Noor Dubai radio station.

An English language version of Noor Dubai TV is planned for a 2009 Q2 launch.
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Re: UAE television

Postby abudub » 05 Feb 2009, 21:47

We got a apckage Show Movies, it is about 3 star. Some channels are knocked out at ten thirty pm by iIans satellite or so it seems......
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Re: UAE television

Postby DubaiInformationSite » 11 Feb 2009, 05:16

who is the best cable/sattelite TV provider? there is a much debated issues here....we have a dish that gives us 300+ channels from around the world. anything trumping that?
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Re: UAE television

Postby Duha » 05 May 2009, 10:02

Well i am using the software satellite-tv-player they are giving me 3000 channels. But now i needa cable . Anyone suggest me the best dish provider
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