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Emirates National School Abu Dhabi reviews

Postby shawarma » 09 Jan 2008, 19:59

Emirates National School in Abu Dhabi - information page.

See also Emirates National School in Al Ain - a newer, sister school, which seems to have a better reputation.

International Schools Review had one, rather unpleasant, comment about this school (date unknown, but it was referring to Abu Dhabi ENS, not Al Ain)...

Emirates National School, UAE
International School Evaluation
Comments: This school, if not the worst "international school", has to be right up there. It is a disgrace.

Apartments: Those given to the new staff this year were in the middle of a construction zone without a paved road, telephone service, internet, or access to city water. (they use a water truck to fill up the tank on the roof, people have run out of water while showering for work) The returning staff have small but nice apartments.

Other comments are mixed with some saying it is an excellent school, and others saying it is a terrible place to work. It could be similar to many schools in the UAE - good students, good teachers, poor management. Or alternatively, is it like a handful of UAE schools with obnoxious students, whining teachers, and disinterested management?

Any comments about this school?

How many students?
How many staff?
What is salary range for teachers?
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby madman » 08 Jun 2008, 08:49

ENS is a terrible school - the management is appalling - bullying, sly and conniving. Morale at the school is awful and staff are leaving in droves and being replaced with cheaper Arabian staff - mainly Jordanians (the management is largely Jordanian). Very few western staff become coordinators/heads of department these days - the management want their 'own people' in place, regardless of their suitability or experience. They just want 'Yes' Men. Western staff are treated very badly and there is no job security. Some staff had to wait 6 months for their contracts which are often changed mid-term and are loaded with penalties. As a government school they regard themselves as above the law.

No way can this be called an International School.

Teachers' professionalism is undermined constantly with students' being re-gradedand exam papers made easier so that more students pass. Staff meetings are rarely held these days - previously they were jaw-droppingly depressing and at one the emails of a recently fired member of staff were read out in front of everyone, despite numerous protests that this was both unnecessary and unprofessional.

Staff are forbidden from speaking with parents - it is considered a very serious 'offence'.

The school seems to operate behind closed doors with whispers, slander and backstabbing being commonplace. Yes, there are teaching staff here who whinge and whine and there are even also some crazies and (semi-)drunkards but the majority of complaints you will hear about this school are real and justified.

I am leaving this school this summer and regret every day I have endured at this place because it spoilt my experience of Abu Dhabi which is really a pretty good place to live.
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby emmac27 » 30 Apr 2009, 13:19

Is there anyone out there who has had a good experience/hopefully experiences of working at ens?

I am due to start working there this august and am very disheartened by all the negative comments.

question for madman..how long did u work at ens?
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Emirates National School Contracts for August 2009

Postby dee diddles » 07 Jun 2009, 02:55

Hi All!
Just a word of warning. If you have signed and returned a contract to work in the ENS for the next school year, make sure that the ENS have returned a signed contract to you. If they haven't you should check to see if you still have that job. I was offered a job in March 2009, signed and returned the contract and all the required documents. No signed contract was returned to me. When I pushed them to return the signed contract the ENS contacted the recruitment agency to say that the vacancy no longer existed because the Ministery of Education would not sanction it. This is very strange since HR in ENS emailed me last week to say that the Ministery of Education had approved of my appointment but that they were waiting for the school board to approve it!
Ultimately it means that I no longer have a job with the ENS despite my many relevant recognised qualifications and almost 15years of teaching experience! I am now on the job hunt again because I really do want to work in Abu Dhabi - unfortunately most of the positions are now filled. BE CAREFUL EVERYONE!
dee diddles
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby leogirl » 27 Jun 2009, 18:48

For anyone who is planning to join ENS in August I can only say don't do it. The insanity of the admin has been well documented in various blogs. Now add to that the fact that all new staff will be living in the middle of a construction site in the desert. There are no shops, facilities, transport, street lighting- NOTHING. Do not rely on what your contract says- when you reach the UAE you will find that it's not worth the paper it's written on. You can find something better.
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby chucklette » 09 Jul 2009, 14:59

I and a friend of mine have signed a contract and sent our certificates, but have not had a returned signed contract. So does this mean I don't have a job? This is really worrying! Is there anyone who still works there and can offer advice as to what we should do? Emma27 have you had any contact from ENS recently?
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Emirates National School contracts

Postby shawarma » 10 Jul 2009, 08:47

Hello chucklette and welcome to the Abu Dhabi school forums. Welcome also to previous posters and thanks for your feedback :).

Not having received your contract yet is sloppy and worrying. It's been a while since I signed a new one myself so I can't remember if I had it before arriving in the UAE. You should at least have had a letter outlining the terms and conditions, salary and benefits package of your new job. However, I wouldn't be very hopeful that the letter is worth anything much if there is a dispute in the future about your contract. You should get a contract when you arrive, if not before, since to process your labour permit, the UAE labour ministry needs to have a copy of your contract.

What potentially can happen is that you arrive, and the contract you are presented with is substantially different from what you were led to believe. Whatever the ethics, morality, or legality of this scenario, usually the only realistic option by then is to take it or leave it. It doesn't bode well for the future when a company behaves like that though. Here's a bit more information about teaching in Abu Dhabi.

You could consider doing something like this.

1. Send a letter or fax to ENS requesting a copy of your contract.
2. Keep looking for other jobs on the assumption you don't or might not have one at ENS, or you don't know what the terms and conditions of the job are.
3. If you get a satisfactory reply from ENS then stop looking for another job.
4. If you find another job you are happy with and have not yet received anything from ENS, then send a follow up letter or fax informing ENS that you are very sorry but your circumstances have changed and you will not be able to take up the position offered. Do not elaborate, do not say you have got another job, do not say where you are going. Do not say it's because they didn't send you a contract (they are not paying you to be a consultant for them). If they haven't issued you an employment entry visa yet, there shouldn't be any difficulty. If they've asked you to enter on a visit visa then they wouldn't be applying for any visas or permits until after you enter Abu Dhabi.
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby chucklette » 30 Jul 2009, 19:12

I would not recommend any teacher who has any ounce of self respect or professionalism to even consider working at ENS. I fortunately have not had the misfortune to even step foot into that organisation, but my dealings with them regarding a possible position has left me with the conclusion that if an organisation falls at the first hurddle then it will be hell for the duration of the contract. They are unprofessional in the way they handle queries and questions ie. not answering or acknowledging emails; offering a contract and then changing the salary; asking for the same information again and again (when information has been sent to them) - all very time consuiming and stressful. I was offered a job, signed the contract(s), sent passprot info, photos requested etc. sold my car at a knock down price (it's going to cost more to get another), got a tenant for my house, and then waited and waited for ENS to send me a date for flights, accomodation info, and answers to other questions. NO ANSWERS! Thankfully I had not not officially resigned from my current position. So I would like to say a very BIG thanks to ENS for their honesty, integrity, professionalism and the wonderful treatment of a prospective employee. But I suppose if you are thought of as a potato (or was it onions?) in a sack, you can't expect them to treat you with any respect. DON'T BECOME A POTATO (or onion). Let's all show ENS that the sack is now empty!
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby treehugger » 05 Sep 2009, 12:42

Some visitors to this site may take comments contained within it with a grain of salt and that is a good thing. There is nothing like direct experience. All I can give you is my own opinion of the experiences I have had at e.n.s school.
If you are giving up a lot to come to this school be careful and keep an escape route open should things not work out, that goes for your job, home and anything else of importance.

So what is my opinion? Well many people come to e.n.s and complete a two year contract successfully, take the money home and are not harmed in any longstanding way. However all of them encounter problems in some way which are not only teaching related but should never occur within a functional school, these problems stem from deep systemic ineptitude in both manangement and administration.
There is no such thing as an absolute truth at e.n.s school what you are told now will not be true tommorrow and this is challenging for those of us who are used to a Western educational paradigm. So, contract? Forget it, it is only broadly what you will encounter in your pay and conditions. Please remember there is no due process for collective bargaining or even legal framework upon which to base a complaint.

Accomodation? you will get it but it may be in the middle of a building site a long way from shops or cafe's. If you are a couple or family you will not get a two bedroomed apartment.

Pay? Mostly you will be paid in full and on time. If you join e.n.s mid year you WILL NOT get the same pay benefits for holiday and end of contract gratuities as others who began earlier.

Conditions? You will have no Language support or special needs staff this year. Student numbers are extraordinary and expected (unbelievably) to keep growing meaning that the number of periods you will work will keep growing also. Student behavioural issues are profound.

YOU WILL BE TOLD NONE OF THIS AT INTERVIEW, as with anything in life its the information they dont give you which is important.

Thanks for reading and if you decide to come anyway good luck.
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby nilekaw » 25 Oct 2009, 19:15

Do not even think of applying to work at this school. All the horror stories about upper admin are true: they have absolutely no commitment to quality education. Teachers are treated, to quote the chairman of the board [mod edit: name removed], 'like a bag of onions'. It matters not the time, energy or commitment a teacher makes to the students and the school. Just recently a group of single men were told they were being moved from their present accommodation in Abu Dhabi city out to Musaffah, an area with virtually no redeeming qualities. Included in this group were several men who have worked for ENS for 3 or more years and have lived in their present accommodation in the city for the same amount of time. There is also the issue of health insurance. When you are recruited you are told that the school gives internationally recognized health insurance so if you are traveling home in the summer and there is an emergency you are covered. Wrong. Many teachers are brought in thinking they will be teaching what they were hired to teach only to be given an entirely different grade level and content area. Principals change more frequently than New England weather, being fired for no apparent reason fairly regularly. New American Directors have been brought in but neither of them has any experience working in this part of the world. Don't even apply. And warn anyone who even thinks about it!
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby yoabudhabidude » 13 May 2010, 18:51

This is absolutely the worst school I have ever worked at. At the end of the 2009 school year the almighty board decided to get rid of the management staff of most of the campuses. There are campuses in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Moh'd Bin Zayed City. (Musaffah). Principals were just told when they returned that they were not needed anymore. One principal, [mod edit: name removed], was retained and he had to run both the primary and boys school. When the chairman of the board returned from medical treatment he was angry that [mod edit: name removed] had not been fired and so [mod edit: name removed] got a call to say he should not return to school the next day.

A new principal, [mod edit: name removed] was hired from a school in Dubai. This must be the most incompetent principal I have ever had the misfortune to work with. One of the first things he did as principal was scrap the existing code of conduct and replace it with, NOTHING. For six months the school was in chaos as they tried to develop a new one. I guess he had to show teachers he is in charge and so it was change for the sake of change.

The school was supposed to be dual IB/IGCSE but they had tried for years and the school is neither. It has no set curriculum although on it's website it tries to trick parents into believing it has a set curriculum. The teachers just have to come up with their own stuff. Teachers found out that the principal [mod edit: name removed], had been principal at a school in Dubai that had gotten an unsatisfactory grade from the Dubai education authorities and they could see why in his lack of management skills.

A group of Americans were duly brought in, known by the staff members as the COLORADO MAFIA, since they are all from Colorado and they are supposed to overhaul the schools.

A year has almost gone by and they could not even have a siren installed to announce the start of periods etc. Things are so bad that copies had to be made at other schools until all the copiers packed up and teachers had to print stuff from their office printers.

Rumors were circulating that there was a hit list of teachers that they were going to get rid of. This list was supposed to have been in existence by the beginning of this year already. The director of the MBZ campus called a meeting in which he assured teachers that there was no list. He is probably related to George Bush senior who said "Read my lips there will not be any increase in taxes" and we all know how true that was. Anyway the truth is there was a list, could be a few lists, and lots of teachers got emails to say they should come to the office for a meeting. There they received a letter thanking them for their good service to ENS but that their services would not be required in the future. Of course teachers were pissed cause had they known this in January it would have given them ample time to apply for new jobs. No reasons for their termination were given.

Vandalism is rife and the bit of discipline that there was is disappearing fast. For the whole year the boys high has not had an IT teacher, the Library teacher left, a French teacher was fired earlier and the Arabic Additional Language teacher resigned two weeks ago because of the rudeness of the principal.

If ever you are offered a position at this school avoid it like the plague because you will get absolutely no support from management. It is easier for them to get rid of a teacher than to get rid of a student abusing teachers, engaging in vandalism, smoking etc.

Again the worst possible school, with the worst possible management, and the COLORADO MAFIA will find out that they are the same as all the other teachers, expendable.
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby honman » 05 Sep 2010, 07:41

The Emirates National School is a thoroughly unprofessional school. In April 2010 they got rid of almost half their entire teaching staff at the three teaching campuses in Abu Dhabi with no reason offered other than the unofficial mantra of financial problems. One of their major problems is that they charge more than almost any other private school in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain but have no set curriculum. That's why parents do not want to admit their children in this school,hence problems in student numbers and further financial problems.

However, the school sees it fit to employ several principals and assistant principals paying them anywhere from AED 25,000 to 40,000 a month for for small numbers of students at its various branches. Avoid this school at all costs either for employment or for your children's admission.

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby MrandMrs » 11 Oct 2010, 17:39

Thanks for the advice, both my wife and I were about to take an interview with this school tomorrow but have decided it is most definitely not for us.
Hope it becomes easier for those under contract there!

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby fire » 09 Nov 2010, 20:14

ens really needs improve. the manegments just does not know how to controll. everything is missy. all important teachers are gone. only some are left and others have no experince. plz teachers come back! the school sucks without you!

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby nationaluae » 10 Nov 2010, 20:53

Good Afternoon/Goodmorning,

And all comments posted above are not real,
Ive seen that ENS is an excellent ,And their is no bullying , bullying is forbiden in Emirates National School

Here ill show that this school is excellent just from the rules :

For example :

No bullying
No fighting
No candy
No electronic devices
No talking back to the teacher
No Cheating
And More ect......

And ens is quallified with excellent teachers that even have college degrees and the school is surrounded by security guards ,
So it is safe for everyone
And this school i have to say is Excellent ....

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby For-the-record » 02 Dec 2010, 12:33

Dear all past/present & future teachers of ENS.

I am currently working at ENS in Abu Dhabi and when I first signed my contract with ENS i came across this website and had a meltdown beacuse of the things I was reading! Never the less I came through to Abu Dhabi to see how things were for myself. I am not going to say that some of the things you have previously read are not true, but you must understand that there are some very bitter people who might have reason to be that way. All I can do is tell you of my experiences.

Firstly, I have friends based in schools all across Abu Dhabi, and these management issues can be seen in all of them! Not just ENS! I have been very fortunate that the teachers I work with are lovely, supporting and professional teachers that have become my "family" here in the UAE. yes some of the teachers are living out in the sticks in Mussafah which is a newly developed area, but it will be the place to be in a few years. When you go for an interview be specific and ask for things in writing! Ask to be placed at the City Campus which means you will be living in the city. No offence to the MBZ staff, but the city staff do seem to be alot more postive making work alot more pleasant, and the bonus is that you dont spend alot of time travelling to and from work. My accomodation is in the city and is really nice! I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived because I would never be given anything like this back home! I find that alot of the teachers dont realise what they are getting and start to become greedy and just take everything for granted! About families not having 2bedroom apartments? Well in my building all the families have 2 bedroom apartments, and married couples. With regards to the accomodation, I havent paid a cent for water/electricity, had decent furniture when i arrived (which I have replaced for myself because I have NO expenses), my apartment is beautifully painted (because thats just so dam cheap) and Im living with all my friends from school so Im never lonely and have a wonderful social life!

As for this whole "HITLIST" agenda that took place in April, now Im speaking from my experience at my campus. Yes it is true, people were called in and told that their contracts had ended or were not renewed. I completely agree that it was wrong of the school to do it at the time that they did, but to be very honest, the people that were asked to leave from my campus, saw it coming. I am very sorry if one of them read this, but this is how most of the teachers felt. The teachers that were asked to leave were one's who were constantly absent, always had problems with their parents and children and had a negative attidtude! If you do your job well you'll be fine!

It is very uncertain how often things change or how badly things can be organised, but everyday I go into my class, close my door and love my job! Teaching at ENS has not been the worst experience in my life and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity of living in Abu Dhabi! I have gained experience that has made me into a better teacher. The school is going through a financial crisis at the moment meaning the classroom sizes are increasing which is unfortunate. I do feel that the school is well resourced if I compare my experiences in other schools. The children are mostly local children who I thoroughly enjoy teaching. You do get the odd parent who can cause you huge problems, but generally the parents I have had over the years have all been grateful and kind parents.

My advice to anyone that is considering to teach at ENS is that you must have a open mind! There are alot of bitter people here, who have been here for over 4 years now? Sometimes I wish I could just bash them over the head and just say to them "well stop complaining and just leave"! Dont take everyones opinions to heart. If you are a hard working teacher and what matters the most to you is that your children know what they need to know at the end of the year, it can be a great experience! Abu Dhabi is a wonderful place to live and there is a large & social group of Westeners living here! As for me, I will be resigning from ENS at the end of this year as I want to broaden my experience and to be very honest I'm really sad to go. I do hope the best for the school as there are some wonderful people working there!

I am really sorry if I have offended anyone, but this was just my opinion. If anyone wants more info ill be more than happy to help.
All the best to everyone!

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby tony » 26 Jan 2011, 21:26

Dear all,

I have left ENS now but I can tell you that this is certainly the worst school I have ever come across. This school is demoralising and depressing for teaching staff. Teachers are demoralised by the admin, students and parents. Teachers are made to deal with extremely badly behaved students who have no intention of wanting to learning, for pity sake they won't even get their pens or pencils out of their bags. These student make loud noises in the class and walk out as they feel. If you challenge them they threaten to get you fired! If you tell the admin about what is going on they just critisize saying how a bad a teacher you must be. On top of that parents want these students to get 90 or above in exams and they constanly phone and harass and blame teachers for their childs grade even though their child has no intention of wanting to learn. On top of that teachers have to work riduculus hours and are expected to carry out break and lunch duties everyday of the week, not having time to have lunch or even a snack. After a while this school depressed and demoralise you. Life is a gift why waste it on ENS.

By the way the school has no set curriculum and there is nothing to be gained from this school as international institutions all know about ENS and will not take applications from them.

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby SuperTed » 30 Jan 2011, 12:22

Dear all,

I totally agree with the above post - Jan 26th 2011, every single statement is 100% fact. There is no gratitude shown toward staff, all emails are demoralising and all correspondance from management only comes when they have a gripe with you. The previous principal of the Abu Dhabi Campus felt the need to do a runner as he was just a face for the parents. He had no control, no voice and no power to change anything.There are several instances whereby he was simply stemmed from acting on his professional judgement. The annoying fact is that he was respected by all staff and he only wanted to get the school to function as a school.

I no longer work for this school as the Dictator Director proved himself to be an untrustworthy individual in just a few days by the lies he told and the way he conducted himself. I know for a fact that he has a 'BLACKLIST' of teachers whom he intends to sack in the coming months. He is giving his fellow countrymen and women a bad name and perhaps heshould start to look at how he conducts himself within his own post before condemning those who are trying in earnest to achieve the almost unachievable task of teaching, coordinating & managing.

I would advise that you steer well clear of this shady establishment as it will only demoralise you and make you question you capabilities as a teacher! The staff who remain there only do so because it is a necessity for them, or they see themselves as non quitters. If you need further warning just ask youself why it is that more than half of the staff are leaving post this year, and possibly other staff will end up being booted out via an 11am Thursday morning email whereby they are requested to go and have a chat to the director!

Emirates National School - Thanks for robbing me of over £1500, lying to me about the terms of contract and many other things, and making me regret setting one foot on the Abu Dhabi soily sand.

Come on Spotty, let's go find a proper school!

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby AA Milne » 14 Feb 2011, 21:29

I'm amazed to read these comments - so real and true. Thankfully I am not alone in my thoughts. I think 'nationaluae' & 'for-the-record' must be written by the admin. I can't see how any teachers could agree with this.
Yes, it would be nice to have a curriculum ... to have a common staffroom, (ok a staffroom with other teachers in it... but they are probably doing one of their 16+ duties), to have parents who are supportive rather than indignant ... to have true grades given to children rather than ridiculously inflated ones... and be supported by admin rather than just verbally so... for children to do their own homework... at least they pay wages on time.
Oh yes, another teacher did a 'runner' in the holidays.
AA Milne

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby shawarma » 28 Feb 2011, 14:11

SuperTed wrote:I totally agree with the above post - Jan 26th 2011, every single statement is 100% fact.

SuperTed wrote:I know for a fact that he has a 'BLACKLIST' of teachers whom he intends to sack in the coming months.

Please don't claim opinions are "facts" (even if you think, or are sure, they are) - see forum guidelines for more details. It is much easier to leave posts as they are if it is clear the writer is expressing an opinion. As soon as the writer claims an opinion is "fact," it becomes much more likely that the post will be deleted or suspended if the "facts" are unverified, unsubstantiated, unproven, unsupported, and especially if anyone finds them undesirable and/or unpleasant.

If you want to improve the chances of your post remaining in this topic SuperTed, please modify it and repost, then I can delete the original post.
Please use the forum for questions, not the PM system.
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Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby Lewie Carroll » 05 Apr 2011, 21:17

I think we must all be getting tired because no one writes any more.... just the usual happenings- a teacher did a runner, parents ringing up numerous! times complaining about their child's marks and the reports aren't even out yet (the marks are embarrassingly inflated as it is), kids transferred to other classes as parents hope that the new one will be the kid's salvation - wrong... etc etc etc
Lewie Carroll

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby Voice » 19 Apr 2011, 23:52

Hey There,

WOW!Pretty harsh things to say about the school.If the school had feeling it would cry or something.Anyways, im gonna give you all the latest feedback about the school.It is IMPROVING..I know its hard to believe but it is improving.The real problem with the school was the former managment.Yes they were horrible and they literally destroyed the school.But things have changed now and the new managment are doing thier best to make ENS a better place.SO fingerscrossed that ENS will be on top again :D We need more teachers :D "HELP US"-the next generation :D

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby Soon to be employed hopefully » 30 Apr 2011, 22:43

Dear all,

I am scheduled to have an interview whith ENS soon and I am looking forward to it. The posts from previous people are talking about people who were fired/sacked and other saying it is improving.
I am a believer that everything has the capacity to improve, so I am going to go into the interview with an optimistic view and try to assist in improving the reputation of this school.

Wish me luck and I hope all you out there find the perfect job for you!
Soon to be employed hopefully

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby faith » 02 May 2011, 16:06

Hi All!

Pleased to meet y'll. Wow, I must write that initially reading post from 2007-2009 I too nearly forfeited an interview with ENS.However I went ahead, and got the post. I still am sort of anxious about heading to Abu Dhabi, because of what I have read about ENS. For me ENS will be a new beginning in a fantastic city, so I am hoping for the best.

Have faith, that's all I'm taking with me.

Re: Emirates National School Abu Dhabi

Postby Betti » 03 May 2011, 16:36

Hi there

I am reading all your posts with widening eyes and mounting uncertainty. I have been offered a job at ens (but Al Ain, not Abu Dhabi) and would just like to glean as much information as possible. The posts re Al Ain have all but dried up, but this site seems more active, so if anyone out there has information or tips re the ens school at Al Ain I'd love to read it!

I am sort of of the same mind as "Faith" and "Voice" - that we might as well try it, do our best and see what happens. . . .if worst comes to worst we could leave? But if all of us good teachers give it a go and stick it out, it could turn the whole school around.

Another concern is that I'll be bringing my expat children with me, so I hope for their sake that the school has a good curriculum, music, sports etc . . .the website looks good.

Most of the negative posts are from 2007- 2009, so maybe things are improving.

See y'all in the desert!


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