Rajagiri International School (RIS) reviews

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Rajagiri International School (RIS) reviews

Postby shawarma » 02 Feb 2008, 11:10

Rajagiri International School Al Warqa - information page. RIS is an Indian school, not an international school.

RIS is also the abbreviation for Regent International School in Dubai (not related to Rajagiri IS).

Rajagiri School are offering free seminars about the "Rajagiri World of Education" every Saturday at 11:30. Start and finish dates unknown so phone them to double check (04-2800691 in the UAE or +971-4-2800691 internationally).

School is run by CMIs (CMI is the acronym for Carmelites of Mary Immaculate). The CMI Congregation is based in Kerala, India.

Rajagiri are apparently a reputable institute in Kerala, India. RIS is their first school to be established outside India.

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How many students?
How many teachers?
Number of students per class?
What are school fees?
What are teacher salaries?
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Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby Dubai school » 24 Sep 2010, 15:19

Rajagiri School Dubai doesnt have trained or experienced teachers. Teachers doesnt incoporate any strategy to make kids learn rather they load up the parents to train their children.
Dubai school

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby teena » 29 Dec 2010, 13:07

The reputation of Rajagiri is known to those who have ever associated with them. Such improper comments will not affect its public image. My child is studying in RIS and never felt that he is loaded with home work. He never cried in the morning while going to school. He loves his school and his teachers.

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby RIS complaint » 13 Jan 2011, 18:30

Omg, RIS Dubai school is being complained by many of my friends, friends friends. It has a set of unprofessionals. The school is very poor in academics and the complete load is on the parents. Believe me 3 out of 4 people have this complaint. Never put your kids in RIS Dubai unless or until ur kids are super dooper clever and independent. They have a high degree of parents withdrawing from the school.
RIS complaint

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby Preeti » 13 Jan 2011, 18:45

Even my kid studied in RIS Dubai, she never cries going to school and she has made her peer group but I was extremely unhappy with her performance and I had to do everything at home with her; but now I have put her in Millenium Dubai, oh she is far away ahead and picked up really really well and load is nothing compared to RIS. and enjoys going to school either ways. RIS make it glossy with all the extra curricular activities but academics phew.. sorry no comments. I dont comment about the RIS group, but RIS Dubai is just not the right place for kids to start.

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby parent » 18 Jan 2011, 10:52

For me, the school seems to be good. My both the kids are studying there. It's true that, there are a lot of project works during holidays, but, not that too much study type, it's like small small piece of work, which is required to keep the kids occupied and rmember the previous month works. And academic wise and extra cari. activity wise school is good. And teachers are caring and supportive, used to call once in a month. Even from the nurse you will get a call, if your child is sick. Teachers and even the superwisor, principal, assi.principal and headmistress know most of the kids in person and even small change in character will be informed to the parents.

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby parent » 16 Feb 2011, 11:41

This is the best school in dubai.I'm completely satisfied with the academics n extra curricular activities.i never feel any burden on parents or kids..infact very less compare to other school i feel. Kids are njoying going school.i cannot think of changing the school.

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby a mother » 08 Mar 2011, 21:37

Is there any one who has got kids in two different schools and one is in Rajagiri. Or any parent who has experience with a school prior to Rajagiri and has now one in Rajagiri. Kindly give us your opinion on the school. In this way we will know how the school fares in comparison to other schools. Do remember the comparison should be with a school of somewhat a similar level eg. Millenium.
a mother

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby murasoli » 13 Jun 2011, 01:22

penny wise & pound foolish people please understand before making any bad comments about RIS

We the parents of children studying or studied in RIS are not fools. We are not crazy to send our children to such a remote school with comparatively little higher fees.

We expects something from this school and definitely will get it. because Rajagiri Edu. institutions have a long tradition of decades. not originated in a sudden in gulf desert-recently. RIS is only a part of it. you may learn about them and see directly about the management.

we have experience of several education institutions of Rajagiri. We can't make everything 100% sure. but we have to believe somebody in all matters after an intial diligent study. so lets us go our way.

if you feel RIS not good, please send your children anywhere.

it is true that your children are happy with the schools because they have more than 2 friends. do your part at home land let the teachers do their part.

No one is taking birth as "EXPERIENCED". Any one has talent in his job can become experienced in a short time.

when parent understands his inability or ignorance to assisst children in their studies, even i may complaint it as overloading to parents.

thanks & Regards
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Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS) reviews

Postby brijeet » 23 Oct 2011, 09:20

my son is in kg1 rajagiri n just loves d school.i feel for kindergarden rajagiri is d best school in dubai.i never sits with him in home but he is doing very well in accademics..loves d school ,hates d weekends.we r 100% satisfied.but i heard frm grade 1 onwards mothers have lots to do with their projects n homeworks..but that is same with many indian schools in dubai..

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS) reviews

Postby Menon » 13 Nov 2011, 11:11

My kids were studying in the school of another reputed group till last year and shifted to Rajagiri last year. I am happy to see the difference in them not only in the academics but in the overall development also.

To make a garden, you can appoint a gardener and watch the plants grow but for kids, you need to be there as a parent to groom and guide them. I am of the opinion that parents need to be a part of their learning process and for such parents, Rajagiri would be a wonderful option. For those parents who do not believe in the same or are too busy with their work schedule, RIS may not be the right option.

Happy parenting ,

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS) reviews

Postby Sam » 24 Mar 2015, 16:06

From My experience , the school needs to improve a lot in terms of teaching method ,attitude of class assistants and bus attendant .

moreover, the school transportation doesn't meet KHDA standard

Re: Rajagiri International School (RIS)

Postby Ali » 26 Dec 2016, 06:27

[quote="Dubai school"]Rajagiri School Dubai doesnt have trained or experienced teachers. Teachers doesnt incoporate any strategy to make kids learn rather they load up the parents to train their children.[/quote]

Totally Untrue.
I have my kids studying in Rajagiri International School for last 5 Years (KG1 - Grade 3) and I am thoroughly satisfied with the school and it performance.
Rated consistently "Good" across the years by KHDA, the school strives to reach the next level and it is evident from the attempts the School and its teachers make.
Teacher Attrition in Dubai is high and same also impacts Rajagiri, therefore there may be some period in a year where a replacement teacher may not do sufficient justice and teaching quality may not be the same. But like I said, it a problem that plaques Dubai and is not Rajagiri Specific.

Children need to keep learning, in school, at home, in the garden - May not be textual homework.
As a parent, we need to help them learn and grow. And if this requires some investment of time to assist the teachers in achieving a common goal - so be it.
Do not shy away from teaching your own children. Think of it as being a learning (and teaching) experience for yourself too (when did you study last?).

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