[Scam] Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi teaching job

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[Scam] Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi teaching job

Postby lmajestic95 » 04 Mar 2015, 12:21


10 days back I received an email from "career.glenelgschoolad@gmail.com" asking for applications for all sorts of vacancies in the said school. Since I had put my profile on a jobs website, I replied back to the email with my resume and application.

Today, I received an email from the same email ID (Gmail) that I have got the job and they also sent me the appointment letter as a PDF attachment detailing salary, designation, etc. All this without an interview, without talking to me and knowing me, just on the basis of my application and CV.

Want to confirm if this is a scam. I guess it is. Has anyone else received any communication from the email ID "career.glenelgschoolad@gmail.com" about Glenelg school of Abu Dhabi and openings in this school?

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Re: Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi teaching job

Postby shawarma » 04 Mar 2015, 19:41

That sounds very suspicious to me.

Glenelg School Abu Dhabi really does exist, it is not a hoax or scam school, however, in the past there have been job hoaxes using real school names in the UAE as well as made up ones.

1. Most, if not all, real schools in the UAE do not employ teachers without at least conducting a phone or Skype (or similar) interview.

2. Good schools in the UAE do not send emails to teachers soliciting them for possible vacancies, and I don't think even the bad ones do that. Some schools might contact a recruitment agency to go headhunting and fill vacancies, but they are likely to use a reputable job hiring firm, and more likely to do that for senior positions such as principal, or possibly if they are a new school.

The best and simplest thing you can do is to contact Glenelg School directly - use information from their website, not from the email you received.

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