[Scam] Abu Dhabi High College teaching jobs

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[Scam] Abu Dhabi High College teaching jobs

Postby shawarma » 24 Jul 2015, 16:55

Abu Dhabi High College is a school name seen in teaching job advertisements online. The school does not exist, at least not under that name in the ADEC directory of schools licensed in Abu Dhabi emirate. Beware if applying for jobs. There are many examples of other school names with similar job advertisements, which turned out to be hoaxes or scams.

In most cases, the applicant, if successful, is asked to send money for a visa application. Usually via Western Union to a travel agent, but this is not the only method to encourage teachers to give up some money.

Any employer in the UAE asking an applicant to pay visa fees is either an indication of a scam or hoax, or an employer who is willing to ignore UAE labour laws, since according to UAE law the employer is supposed to pay for visa fees and related hiring costs.

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