Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai

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Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai

Postby shawarma » 25 Aug 2008, 14:10

German School in Dubai (Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai) / DSS Dubai - Dubai FAQs information. A new website is apparently under construction at but nothing there so far. School has been renamed from Deutsche Schule Dubai to Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai.

The Dubai German School is a branch of the Sharjah German School (Deutsche Schule Sharjah), for kindergarten and primary school students. The Sharjah school goes to Year 10. It was in classrooms belonging to Al Mawakeb School in Al Barsha, then in a villa in Jumeirah, and from September 2007 rented classrooms at the Dubai English Speaking College (DESC) location in Dubai Academic City while their new school is under construction ... allegedly. Looks like they'll still be at DESC for the 2008-2009 Academic Year.


When will construction start on the new school premises?
What is the salary range and package for teachers at DSS Dubai?
How many students and teachers at DSS Dubai?
School has been renamed to Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai from when?
Will year groups in Dubai be extended to Klasse 11/12 eventually?
Will DISD also offer the German international matriculation exam (DIAP) that has just been announced for the Sharjah school?
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Deutsche Schule Dubai

Postby shawarma » 12 Sep 2008, 19:05

New website for the German school is live, but without much information. It says they hope to be in their new building for 2009-2010 Academic Year. In the meantime they're still at DESC. There's a new boss too, according to the website. Deutsche Schule Dubai information updated.
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Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai update

Postby shawarma » 20 Feb 2011, 17:59

Email received (20 February 2011) from Deutsche Schule Dubai with updated information as follows:

School Name: Deutsche Internationale Schule Dubai / German International School Dubai
Emirate / City / Town: Dubai
Description of school location: Al Quoz
Principal / Headteacher name: Mr. Thomas Dietrich
Executive Body/Owner: Al Jafla
School is private, embassy/consulate run, or government (UAE): Private
School is profit making or non-profit: Non-profit
Date school was founded (or expected to open for new schools): September 2008
Dates and details of major refurbishments, or relocation (past or future dates): nothing confirmed until now
School is single or split shift (if split shift state timings for girls and boys): Single
School day start and finish times for students (both shifts if applicable): 8:05 am until 1.15 pm or 3.30pm or 5 pm
Number of students (approx): 385
Girls school, boys school, or mixed: Mixed
Nationality of most students, or nationality breakdown: German
Number of teaching staff (approx): 30
Nationality of most teaching staff, or nationality breakdown: German
Range of students (nursery / primary / secondary / K-10 / K-12 / other): Kindergarten: 108; Primary: 142; Sek I :121; Sek II: 14
Postal Address / PO Box: PO Box 47072, Dubai, UAE / Al Quoz Residential Area (25°08'57" North - 55°14'50" East)
Telephone: 04-338 60 06
Fax: 04-338 60 04
Website (preferably an English version if available):
Curriculum (US / UK / Indian / Special Needs / etc): German
Qualifications offered (IB / A-level / Advanced Placement AP / IGCSE / GCSE / O-level / CBSE / IBMYP / IBPYP / NC / etc): International Abitur
How much are the annual fees (and what is included / excluded - tuition, sports, transport, uniforms, extra-curricular activities): AED 18,800 – 55,500
Breakdown of fees by grade if possible: ----
Teacher salary range per month (and details of package - accommodation, flights, medical): AED 7,100 – AED 20,000
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