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Fujairah Academy FPA

Postby shawarma » 26 Aug 2008, 10:49

Fujeirah Academy - information page. More usually called Fujairah Private Academy (FPA).


School fees for 2008-2009 (website only has 2007-2008 academic year fees)?
What is teacher salary scale and package (housing, medical, flights, etc)?
How many students?
How many teachers?

Any comments from students, parents, teachers about studying or teaching at FPA?
Please use the forum for questions, not the PM system.
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Re: Fujairah Academy FPA

Postby clarence28 » 15 Mar 2009, 14:30

I taught here a few years ago and it was by far my favourite job to date.

The school is well run, the head knows exactly what she wants and therefore the teachers have clear job outlines. The children and parents were delightful, the kids were eager to learn and respectful of the staff. The class sizes were low then, 14 -20 on average, which was perfect to build a good rapport with the children. I felt the teachers offered a high standard of education without having to spend hours in the evenings and weekends on paperwork and marking. A perfect balance.

Fujairah was very quiet then, but has increased in size and has a lot more facilities from what I hear.

The salary was good compared to other schools in the UAE and accomodation was fine, not grand but comfortable - and single, which is important.

There were about 300 children in the school when I was there, it may have expanded in that time.

I'd recommend FPA wholeheartedly.
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Re: Fujairah Academy FPA

Postby batoonigoonga » 22 Mar 2012, 11:13

Hi, I have been offered a job in Fujairah, I am a bit worried about the schools. Looking for UK curriculum schools, and have kids for Grade 1, 4,7 and 9th. Any assistance would be apprecaited,

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