Sharjah American International School SAIS reviews

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Sharjah American International School SAIS reviews

Postby shawarma » 05 Sep 2008, 18:11

Sharjah American International School (SAIS) - information page.
Sharjah American International School Dubai - information page for SAIS Dubai campus, and forum topic.


What are school fees? KHDA website has 13,000-33,000 dhs per year for Dubai campus for 2007-2008 school year so presumably it's the same for Sharjah. Unknown if any fees increase for 2008-2009 but it looks like 16% is possible according to KHDA website.
How many staff?
What is teacher salary range and employment package?

Any comments from parents, pupils, teachers about studying at SAIS Sharjah?
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Re: Sharjah American International School SAIS

Postby dodo_45_9 » 01 Nov 2011, 13:30

hi , im moving from saudi arabia next term and i want to know is it possible to transfer my kids for the next term

i have grade 11 SAT ( US ) , grade 8 , grade 5 and grade 1

is it possible or no and there are places available or no .

i want to ask you about grade 11 how we will count the gpa

thank you for your cooperation and help

Re: Sharjah American International School SAIS reviews

Postby RAMA » 04 Apr 2015, 09:59

I would like to know the fee structure of grade 12 and also my daughter is in India. I like to bring her here any procedure is there and also education will not affect her.

Re: Sharjah American International School SAIS reviews

Postby Jftw » 17 Jan 2016, 11:16

I taught here for nearly 1.5 years. I would never recommend this plays to teachers, parents, or students.

They do not care at all about educations or student's welfare. Instead, they are worried about profits above all. They brazenly alter student's grades each semester, bumping them upwards of 20%! I had failing students that returned from a given break with a passing grade. I guess miracles do happen.

Further, students can't get in trouble. You write reports, you give detentions, you complain to the coordinator and administration, you talk to parents, and so forth, at the end of the day nothing severe will happen to that student and they will pass the course regardless. This includes student's who cuss at teachers, get into fights, use racism, are violent and/or destructive, and so forth. Students and parents completely rule the school. Why? Because all they care about is retaining customers in order to make money.

Thus, students are getting into colleges and universities in Canada, USA, UK, and so forth, on completely false records and marks. It's really a travesty for academia. Students have no incentivization to work hard - they're going to pass regardless.

In terms of how I was personally treated, let me begin with the fact that SAIS, Dubai has no HR department to speak of. Workers have absolutely no one to speak to or with in terms of any problems or complications at the workplace. I made a meeting with the Curriculum Coordinator, [edit by moderator]name removed, please see forum rules[/edit], about an altercation I had and she never followed it up, canceled the meeting we had, and it never went anywhere. That's how it works - they sweep everything under the rug.

The worst part came when I had resigned and attempted to leave the country. The school administration, particularly the 'principal,' illegally held onto my passport thereby making me unable to leave the country. I had to go to the Ministry of Labour, Dubai Police Department, the Dubai Courts, and actually move out of my apartment in two hours in order to finally retrieve my passport. Again, all of this was entirely illegal in the eyes of the Ministry of Labor, as well as the Court system.

In closing, I would never allow my child to go to this school. Even though many of the teachers are wonderful at their job, your student will not be receiving the quality education they deserve to the corruption of the administration.

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