Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School reviews

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Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School reviews

Postby shawarma » 07 Sep 2008, 16:40

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Pakistan School and College (SKBZAPS) - information page.

Full name is Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School or College?
Is there an abbreviation? SKBZAPS?
Have seen school referred to as Sheik Khalifa Bin Zaid Arab Pakistan School, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zaid Arab Pak School, or Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistan Private School. The Abu Dhabi Educational Zone (ADEZ) has it listed as Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistan Pvt Sch.


Is there a website for SZPS? References seen to and but they both just look like spam. Also tried,,,,, and Nothing found at any of them.
What is school location?
How many students?
How much are the fees?
How many teachers?
What is salary package?
Language of instruction?
What are qualifications offered? FCE?
School is private or government? Profit or non-profit?
Range of students is K-12?

Any other comments or reviews from teachers, students or parents :)?
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Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School

Postby pakistanarabmuslim » 06 Jul 2009, 11:30

Full Name Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School i did graduation in this school this is the best school in the world Teachers are the grea8 at the same time i would like to THANKS this grea8 Country Abu Dhabi who give me chance to study and live in there Arab Muslim Country LOVE ABU DHABI Long Live UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
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Re: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School SKBZAPS

Postby Muskan » 09 May 2011, 14:00

It is very sad to saying that there were no manners to deal with parents and those persons who were coming to this school for sake of their own country school. School makes me disappoint very much . the staff don't even know the full procedure of admission. for this you don't know people are surfing very much and they are not able to make admission in this school. Please make sure that you are giving correct information to others. sorry to say but fake school... no studies... no manners .... nothing ... school is zeroO....

Re: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School

Postby Amna Khawar Chishti » 26 May 2011, 14:32

I love this school.Its almost 18 years i have left this school but i can not forget it.pls if anyone can send me the admin or HR person email address of this school as i want to join it .

Thanks and Regards:
Amna Khawar Chishti

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