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American College Emirates ACE AUE

Postby shawarma » 12 Sep 2008, 19:42

American University of the Emirates (AUE) - Dubai FAQ information. Was renamed from American College of Emirates (when?). Could be confused with the American University of Dubai and/or the American University of Sharjah? Is there an American University of Masafi / Manama / Dibba / Khorfakkan etc yet?

Website comes across as a bit flakey. Is that an indication of what the university would be like? I can't find the course requirements for degrees to work out the tuition fees - how many courses, how many credit hours etc :(. No information about who the president / chancellor is.

AUE say they are licensed by the UAE MInistry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, which is confirmed on the MOHESR website, but only for a handful of associate courses, no degree programs so far. Lots of teaching jobs available according to their website. Good luck.


When did ACE change to AUE?
When did AUE open for business?
How many students?
What is the curriculum? American?
What is PO Box (a university without a postal address :shock: )?
How many teachers / lecturers?
What is pay scale for lecturers and hours of work?

Any other comments from students or staff at AUE?
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