[Closed] Al Malakiyah Private School Abu Dhabi reviews

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[Closed] Al Malakiyah Private School Abu Dhabi reviews

Postby shawarma » 17 Sep 2008, 10:12

Al Malakia Private School - information page.

Various spellings seen: Al Malakiyya, Al Malikiya, Al Malakiya, Al Malakeia Pvt School, maybe Al Mallakia Private Arabic or Arab School?

There was mention of one in Al Shahama (Al Shahamah) which is sort of a suburb of Abu Dhabi city (a long way out of town on the coast road to Dubai). But nothing much in the way of further information found. The school is listed with the Ministry of Education as Al Malakeia Private School.

Anyway, according to a report in the Khaleej Times 03 September 2005, Al Malakeia School was closed down ...

Two other private schools, including the Abu Dhabi-based Al Malakiyya private school and the Ajman-based Ajman private school have also adopted the strategy of the Dubai school. The three schools are under the jurisdiction of the Arabic Private School Department of the Ministry of Education ... In an exclusive statement to Khaleej Times, Ismael Mohammed, Director of the Arabic Private School Department blamed the developments on lapses by the educational zones and raised several questions. “... How did the licensed owners of the Al Malakiyya Private School of Abu Dhabi stop operations without informing the parents of their students so that the students can be transferred to new schools?” ...

... He pointed out that he had received from a number of parents many complaints on the Al Malakiyya Private School of Abu Dhabi. He said the parents complained to him that the educational zone had refused to issue for their wards transfer certificate, adding that he promised those parents that he will try to solve their problem by the end of this week.
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