Cancellation of valid visit visa Dubai

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Cancellation of valid visit visa Dubai

Postby sachin » 27 Sep 2008, 10:07

Dear friends,
How can i cancel a valid visit visa for applying a new visit visa/Emp visa? My previous company has already applied a Visit visa to block me entering in Dubai. They were forcing me to work in Dubai with Visit visa. I denied that offer and came back my home country. Now I am planing to come there. When my new company applied for a Visit visa & Emp visa, it got denied the reason is I have already a valid visa till Nov.2008. How can i cancel that visa becz they have taken that with out my permission to block me from joining new company. due to this reason im not able to join my new company on time. Kindly help me from this crisis.
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Re: Cancellation of valid visit visa Dubai

Postby shawarma » 27 Sep 2008, 11:24

Hello sachin and welcome to the Dubai forum :)

That sounds tricky. How did the company manage to obtain a visit visa without your permission anyway? Sounds rather odd.

A visit visa normally expires 60 days after it has been issued which I guess is where the November 2008 date comes from. As the Immigration / Residency / Naturalisation Department is the only visa issuing authority, you will have to contact them directly. Bear in mind they will probably be closed over the Eid holiday after the end of Ramadam. I don't know of any other agency that can cancel your visa, and I expect your new company probably can't get it cancelled on your behalf. Based on what you're saying, the company that got the visit visa for you is not going to help cancel it. See the Dubai visa information for contact details of the DNRD and good luck. Let us know how you get on :).
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Re: Cancellation of valid visit visa Dubai

Postby ralf3788 » 29 Jun 2011, 10:49


I would like to ask about our visa if how many days is the grace period.. We have a employment visa in Abu Dhabi for 60 days and they already cancelled it. How do i know if how many days is my grace period? Because they did not tell me.


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