Uganda consulate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

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Uganda consulate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 17:36

09 August 2007 news from It's not clear if they know that Dubai is a separate city from Abu Dhabi, rather than a country which the city of Abu Dhabi is in (or "Ab Dhabi" as they say).

Usually consulates in UAE are in Dubai, and embassies in UAE are in Abu Dhabi (as it's the capital of the UAE) but who knows where Uganda will put their shop...

Uganda: Country to Open Iraq, Dubai Consulates
Mary Karugaba

UGANDA is to open two consulates in war-ravaged Iraq and Dubai, foreign affairs minister Sam Kutesa has said.

Appearing before the foreign affairs committee yesterday, the minister said the consulate in Dubai would be situated in Ab Dhabi, the headquarters of the Arab Emirates and the one in Iraq will be in Baghdad.

The consulates would serve Ugandans living in the two countries.

The number of Ugandans working as security guards in Iraq has risen to over 2,000.

A total of 160 guards left for Iraq on Monday.

Over the past two years, Ugandans in Iraq have remitted about $2m (sh32b).

"We have realised that there are many Ugandans going to Iraq and Dubai. Because of security and business developments, we need missions to cover them," he said.

Citing a case where one Namusoke, a Uganda lady was trapped in Lebanon this year, Kutesa said many Ugandans were facing difficulties in cities that had no embassies.

"We have received money this financial year to set up the consulates," he said.

Kutesa added that they would also open missions in Malaysia and Mombasa to solve the problems associated with delays of goods at the ports there.

The MPs were concerned that many Ugandan embassy buildings abroad were in a sorry state.

Peter Mutuluza (Mawokota) said some of the buildings were inhabitable and had cracked walls and leaking roofs.

"Some of our embassy buildings have been condemned. In Brussels, the city council advised that the building be demolished or repaired. In London, people have refused to rent the building because they lack surveillance cameras and have no heaters during the winter."

The MPs were also concerned that Uganda had continued to default on contributions for international organisations.

Kutesa said he had requested the finance ministry to allow them use 70% of the non-tax revenue for renovations and maintenance of the buildings.

He added that the Cabinet had approved a proposal to have all contributions to major international bodies paid by the finance ministry.
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Uganda consulate in Abu Dhabi

Postby shawarma » 03 Dec 2007, 17:36

It looks like the Ugandan consulate will open in Abu Dhabi according to this article in Emirates Today 12 August 2007:

Ugandan consulate plan cheers expats

Ugandan expatriates have given the thumbs-up to their government’s decision to open a consulate in the UAE.

“It is a welcome move,” said Ismael Kikomeko, chairman of the Ugandan community in Dubai. “Most of our problems have been compounded by the lack of diplomatic representation here.” The consulate is expected to begin operations by the end of this year in Abu Dhabi, Uganda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced.

The diplomatic office will cater to the needs of the com munity in the UAE and those of visiting business people.

The move follows pressure from Ugandans living in Dubai who have for the past five years petitioned their government to establish diplomatic representation for them.

They said there was a lack of support from their embassy in Saudi Arabia, which caters to Ugandans in the Gulf.

Ugandans in the UAE – one of the largest and fastest growing of the African communities – often have to go through a costly and slow process of attesting their documents through the embassy. Some have ended up as illegal residents due to the time-consuming attestation process.
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